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Frieze Out Thieves   Freeze Out Thieves
Most lenders review applications for credit by obtaining a credit report from one of the three major credit reporting bureaus: Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.
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credit report   Consumer Credit Report Fee Limit up $ .50 in 2009
The highest that a national credit reporting agency can charge next year on a consumer credit report will be $11,..
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show   $5,000 in Debt--and Nothing to Show for It
People who consider a credit card "free money" are headed for trouble.
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smart   Be Smart About Credit Cards
The TV program guests told appalling stories. "I owe more than $26,000 on my credit cards,"...
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smart   Card Surprises to Look Out For
Credit card issuers have to make a profit. No one objects to that.
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smart   Common Credit Report Mistakes Could Cost You
If you haven't requested a copy of your credit report, there are many reasons why you should.
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smart   Credit Savvy Key to Avoiding Costly Missteps
There's a lot of misinformation floating around about how to shop for, use, and benefit from credit.
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smart   Financial Literacy Quiz--What's Your Score?
Test your financial literacy. Why? Because without a good handle on personal finances, we make poor spending decisions...
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smart   It Was Such a Bargain: Help for Compulsive Shoppers
Like other addictive personalities, compulsive or obsessive shoppers indulge their passion even as it destroys...
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smart   Making Sense of Plastic Promos
There's a battle raging. And we're not talking the Dark Side of the Force vs. the Jedi Knights.
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smart   Smart Holiday Shopping Takes Planning and Control
You say it every year after the holidays: "Next year I'm going to spend less money."
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smart   The Nontraditional Route to a Positive Credit History
For the estimated 35 to 50 million consumers who don't have full credit histories, the use of data such as information about daycare...
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smart   The Purchasing Power of a Strong Credit History
Everyone, from college students to recent immigrants, is likely to need the purchasing power a solid credit record conveys.
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Tricks   Watching for Credit Card Tricks
A spin-free guide to reading the fine print in credit card offers and agreements.
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Tricks   Credit Card Trick #1
What Happens When 0% APR Jumps to 19.99%
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Tricks   Credit Card Trick #2
Some of the "normal" practices of credit card companies will surprise you, others you'll find down right shocking.
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Tricks   Credit Reporting 101
Understanding Your Credit Report.
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cares   The Evil Tricks that Credit Card Companies Play
Some of the "normal" practices of credit card companies will surprise you, others you'll find down right shocking.
cares   Diminished Reward of Charging Everything
Charging everything can offer tremendous rewards, but it can damage your credit scores...overspend and it may cost you money in fees and interest.
Tricks   Building Great Credit
Your credit history can make or break you when trying to convince lenders you're a good risk. Here are some simple ways to build the best record you can -- before you need it.
glass   What Bad Credit Really Cost You
It's not just a number. Failing to take steps to improve your credit score could cost you hundreds or thousands of extra dollars on a home loan, a car payment or a credit card or insurance bill.
credit cards   The Expansion Score
An estimated 50 million American adults have no real credit history. Pretty hard to believe, huh? So says Fair Isaac, the company that developed the classic FICO score used by most lenders, and they've launched a new scoring system that may soon allow lenders to make loans to more recent immigrants, young people and others who currently have a tough time getting credit. But with this development, called the FICO Expansion score, also comes new ways for people to mess up their financial lives.
Tricks   Potential Hits to Your Credit and What You Can do About it
Cards that don't report credit limits are just one of the hidden threats to your credit score. Here are some of the potential hits you might be taking, and how you can fight back.
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