Enjoy three easy ways to apply for a loan...

Apply Online 

  1. Log into CU AnyHour+.
  2. Click on the "Services" tab.
  3. Complete an application for the loan you wish to apply for!

It's that easy! Complete your application all online.  

Download and Submit Your Application

  1. Complete a consumer/installment loan application for the loan you wish to apply for. 
  2. Once your application is complete, save it as a PDF document.
  3. Log into CU AnyHour+.
  4. Click on the “Message Center” at the top of your screen
  5. Click “New” on the toolbar message. In your message:
    1. Use "New Loan Application" as your subject.
    2. Include your contact information and any questions or comments you have in the body of the message!
  6. Upload your application to the message by clicking "Browse" and choosing your application.
  7. Click “Submit” to send your application!

That's it! A representative will contact you within one business day to complete the application process.

Contact Us

Give us a call or visit one of our three convenient locations to meet with a loan specialist who will walk you through the process from beginning to end.

Come visit us today to get started!