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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of nine Credit Union member volunteers who each serve terms of three years. These volunteers govern the direction of the Credit Union and hold the fiduciary responsibility for its well being.

Any member who is at least 18 years of age by the annual meeting of members may run for the Board of Directors to fill any vacancies. Members may run either by nomination or by petition. Each January, a Nominating Committee is appointed and notice is given to the membership of the number of vacancies and the ability to file an application to be considered for nomination. Members may also run by petition. Please refer to the Credit Union's bylaws, available on this website, for full details regarding the election process.

Board Committees

The Board of Directors is assisted in its duties by various committees. Committees serve at the pleasure of the Board and are formed as necessary. There are three standing committees composed of volunteers, board members and senior staff members:

Asset/Liability Management Committee ("ALCO")

The ALCO is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and assessing the asset/liability management activities of the Credit Union and communicating the results of its assessment to the Board of Directors. The ALCO is composed of nine members to include the Board Treasurer, at least one other Board of Directors member, up to five volunteers (who also can be Board of Directors members), the President/Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice President. Committee terms are for one year. Meetings are held monthly.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating at least one member for each vacancy on the Board of Directors for which elections are to be held and for determining that the members nominated are agreeable to the placing of their names in nomination and will accept office if elected. The Nominating Committee is composed of three volunteers appointed by the Chairman of the Board. Current Board Members may sit on this Committee however no Board Member who will be up for the election in question may sit on the Committee. Committee terms are one election cycle. The Committee meets as needed during the election cycle (January to May).

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is responsible for overseeing the audit and examination function of the Credit Union. It also serves as a check on the activities of the Board of Directors. Three volunteers sit on the Supervisory Committee and serve for terms of 1 year each. A Board member other than the treasurer may sit on this Committee however no board member may serve as its chair. The President/CEO and Executive Vice President attend Supervisory Committee meetings as guests. The Committee meets as needed but no less than quarterly.


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