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CUAnyHour+ Launched August 2012

This optional* service available through CUAnyHour + gives members the opportunity to transfer funds between their US Senate FCU account and another financial institution.
*Separate fee applies.  Please see fee schedule for details.

Launched July 30, 2012

The new components of our enhanced online banking experience will provide members with the most innovative features available in online banking. 

New Web Bill Pay
Launched July 31, 2012
Web Bill Pay gives you more of what you want. Easy, Convenient and Secure way to pay your bills.
Launched July 31, 2012
Simplify your life setting up eBill.
New Web Bill Pay
Launched Feb. 01, 2013

Members gain insight into their spending habits, and a budget wizard helps them plan.

New Web Bill Pay Flash Video

Launched July 30, 2012

USSFCU members will now be able to create their own deposits from wherever they are located as long as they have access to a flatbed scanner that is TWAIN or WIA driver compatible or a certified mobile device. Members will have access to the RDA application through CU AnyHour+ using a single sign-on home banking ID and/or using the USSFCU Mobile application.
Download information for USSFCU Mobile will be available soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Web Bill Pay



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How Tos

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What’s the “+” in CU AnyHour+?

Listed below are just some of the highlights of the new CU AnyHour+ launched July 30, 2012.

  • Member can now self-enroll online
  • More than 1 user ID per account number allows primary and joint member their own user ID
  • Forgot your password? Member can now reset CU AnyHour + password online
  • Browser check is available to optimize security
  • Added security through enhanced multi-factor authentification
  • Member can customize the name of each share on their account
  • Groupons –Coupon deals made available to members from the merchant’s they already shop with
  • Extensive choice of text message alerts
  • System now allows for exchange of documents through secured messaging
  • Person to Person Transfers
  • Bank to Bank Transfers
  • Web Bill Pay feature - Send Personalized Gift Checks
  • Web Bill pay feature - Send Donations
  • Download transaction history and categorize to better manage finances
  • Deposit checks remotely through Remote Deposit Anywhere –“ Deposit Checks” tab*
  • Optional “My Finance” - Personal financial management tool
  • Account aggregation allows member to manage all finances in one location.
  • Personalized dashboard – Members can view their accounts their way with widgets

*Use of RDA requires that certain qualifications be met.

What is Jack Henry and Associates?

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. is a trusted partner providing online banking and other services for the United States Senate FCU. It is a publicly traded company working with thousands of credit unions and banks throughout the United Stated to deliver financial services, including core operating systems, credit cards and online banking. The Credit Union has worked with Jack Henry and Associates for over 18 years using their system applications to process and deliver services to members in many capacities.

NetTeller is a Jack Henry system application for online banking and is being used by many other financial institutions. It also provides a gateway to related applications such as web bill pay, remote deposit of checks and mobile banking.

For more information about Jack Henry & Associates, see www.jackhenry.com.

How Do I Know I am at a Secure Site?

The United States Senate FCU takes security very seriously. You can help us by logging in to CU AnyHour+ through a secure portal located at www.ussfcu.org.

Once you put your user ID in this secure area you will be directed to the Netteller security screen. You can also click on log in without your user ID to be directed to this screen where you will be asked for your user ID and then password.

The following are examples of how you can identify that the Netteller log in screen is secure:

Example: The Green Bar in Internet Explorer

  1. Address Bar The address bar will appear green, indicating to users that the Web site is highly authenticated and secure. The address will start with https – with the “s” indicating a secure site.
  2. Padlock Icon A closed padlock is prominently displayed in the address bar. Users may click the padlock to view details about the certificate that secures the site and the certificate issuer. (See Below)
  3. Security Status Bar The security status bar rotates between the name of the authenticated organization and VeriSign, the trusted 3rd party that performed the Extended Validation authentication.

Example: Certificate Issuer

The screen shot below is an example of the information that will display if the green bar is clicked to identify the certificate issuer. Please note that because the certificates are issued to JHA the details provided will be Jack Henry and Associates.