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Message Center:
• Web Bill Pay and USSFCU can send individual messages to member subscribers.
• Secure messages will remain in member’s message center for 180 days or until the member deletes them.

Attention Required:
• Alert field that displays payees requiring activation
• Payments that that have been returned

Since You Last Logged In:
• Displays payments that paid out with the option to “View” the details of the payments
• Reminders to pay a bill

Shortcut Method:
• Shortcut to pay payments that populate based on previous bill payment history

Popular Payees:
• This will display the 10 most popular payees within the member subscriber’s zip code
• This is only available for new subscribers within the first 90 days

Transactions Scheduled to Process:
• Displays payments that are in a scheduled status with the options to “Edit” or “Stop”

Payees Tab

4 Types of Payees
• Bill: Company, Individual, Bank or Credit Union
• Pay a Person (Email Payee)
• Charity
• Gift Recipient

Adding a Bill

email that prompts them to submit their bank account information in order to receive the payment.

1st Step: Input the Payee’s information: Name, phone number, and email address

2nd Step: Choose a Key Word
• Key Word: This can be any word that is communicated from the Subscriber to
the  Payee. The Payee will be required to enter this in as a measure of security
which will  then prompt them to enter in their bank account information.

3rd Step: Activate the Payee

choose later, then payments will not process until the activation process is complete.

Payee Activation: Payee activation is an additional security feature for higher risk payees:

Activation Process

4th Step: Payee will be sent an email where they must enter:

View Payees
• View Payees allows the subscriber to manage all of their existing payees by three methods:

• Subscribers can manage multiple payees by creating personalized categories.

Payments Tab        

Single Payments:
• Pay a Bill
• Pay a Person-Email Payee
• Send a Donation
• Send a Gift Check

Pay a Bill
Step 1: Subscriber would select a “Pay From” account, “Amount”, and the “Process Date”

Step 2: Click on the “Process Date” calendar and select a date:

Step 3: Click “Submit Payment” to receive the Confirmation Number

Pay a Person (see above in Payees section)

Send a Donation

Send A Gift Check


Recurring Payments:
These are payments that are paid on a recurring basis.

Scheduled Payments:
These payments are in a “Scheduled” status and have not processed therefore they have the
option to “Edit” or “Stop.”

Payment History:
• These payments have processed and paid out
• 18 months of payment history stored
• They have the option to “View” details and submit a “Payment Inquiry” if a payment needs research

• “View” Details of Payments

Options Tab

There are several options available to assist member subscribers in managing their bill pay account.

Pay From Accounts:
• This allows the member subscriber to add additional pay from accounts.
Member can opt to have multiple USSFCU checking accounts from which to pay
bills (New – July 2012)
• Approve or Reject: Each additional pay from account will require approval from USSFCU

“Add” a Pay From Account:

Each account will be “Awaiting Approval” until USSFCU approves it

View “Pending” & “Active” Accounts


4 Types of eNotifications

Event e-Notifications-These are sent when a particular event occurs
Example: The member subscriber can be notified once the “pay from” account is approved

Log Out e-Notifications-These are sent each time the member logs out of bill pay
Example: The member can receive lists of the following:

Recurring e-Notifications-These are sent on the occurrence of the member’s choice.
Example: The member can receive a list of all scheduled payments

Reminder e-Notifications-These are reminders to pay a bill

View Contact Info:
The member subscriber can update their contact information as well as add a Secondary User

Default Settings:
There are two default options available to change: Default Pay From & Default Page

 Calendar Tab

New July 2012