United States Senate Federal Credit Union

FAQs - Accounts

Do I have to have a savings account to have a checking account?

Yes. You must maintain a Primary Savings account with the required $5 minimum balance in order to open any other accounts, including checking.

Are my funds insured?

Yes. Your Credit Union funds are insured to an aggregate of $250,000 per depositor by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an independent agency of the United States Government. Senate IRA Certificates are also protected separately up to $250,000.

Accounts titled joint parties may increase the amount insured. Please contact a member service officer or visit the NCUA publications. Complete information>>

Is there a monthly fee for a Senate checking account?

There are no monthly service fees for a Senate Checking account. However the Gold Source Checking account, which pays dividends, is subject to a monthly fee if the balance falls below the required minimum.

Do you offer overdraft protection on checking accounts?

Yes. Both the EasyLine Credit Line and the SenateLine Credit Line may be used for overdraft protection. Additionally, your savings account may be tied to your checking for overdraft protection.

How do I place a Stop Payment?

Stop Payment – Accessible through CU Anyhour or by calling (202) 224-2967.

How long would it take for me to get checks? A check card?

Members should receive checks within seven to ten business days from the time the order is placed. Members should receive the Senate Check Card and a corresponding Personal Identification Number (PIN) notification within seven to ten business days of the order.

What is Check 21?

Effective October 28, 2004, the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21) bring the nation's check payment system into the digital age and allow consumers to benefit from better and faster financial services.

Check 21 replaces the system that forces over 40 billion checks a year to be exchanged physically and often transported around the country several times before the payment cycle is completed.

How will Check 21 benefit you?
  • Detects Fraud Faster - Since check clearing is faster, fraud can be detected and investigated sooner which brings about a quicker resolution.
  • Faster Check Clearing - You get a more accurate picture of your account balance.
  • Quicker Response - Check images can be accessed faster to resolve questions.
  • More Secure Check Information - Checks do not have to be physically transported via truck, train or plane.
What is a Substitute Check?

Check 21 makes legal for banks to replace original checks with "substitute checks." These checks are similar in size to original checks with a slightly reduced image of the front and the back of the original check. The front of a substitute check states: "This is a legal copy of your check. You can use it the same way you would use the original check." You may use a substitute check as proof of payment just like the original check.

Some or all of the checks that you receive back from us may be substitute checks.

I tried to view check images on CU AnyHour, it says "No Image Found." Why?

There are a few situations in which checks cannot be displayed, such as if the checks are:

  • electronic version of the check
  • from an account starter set
  • older than 2 years
  • ordered from a non-USSFCU source, such as an outside check vendor
  • a cashier's or similar type check that is issued on a member's account

If you attempt to view this type of check, a message will appear prompting you to contact a Financial Solutions Advisor for assistance.

Can I order checks online?

Yes. You may order checks for Senate Checking, Gold Source Checking, Money Market, and Visa Credit through CU AnyHour. Steps are:

1. Log into your CU AnyHour Account
2. Click the "Services" tab on the top menu
3. Click the"Check Order" link under the Financial Services category
4. Select an account to re-order checks.
5. Verify information on the checks
6. Click the button "Order."

Please note that orders may take up to 14 business days for delivery. Additional charges may apply for express shipping.

Can my child who is 16 get a VISA check card or debit card?

No. Your child needs to be at least 18-years old to get a VISA check card or debit card.