United States Senate Federal Credit Union

FAQs - Smart Rewards

I use my debit card often and will be asked by the merchant – Debit or Credit? How should I respond?

To earn points using your Senate Checking Account debit card your response needs to be "Credit!" (even though you are using a debit card. By choosing “credit and signing for the merchant you will earn 1 point on every $4.00 purchase. Responding with "Debit!" and entering you PIN will not yield any points.

How do I sign up for Smart Rewards?

The Smart Rewards Program is an automatic benefit of the Senate Checking Account debit card. There is no sign-up form or fee to participate.

How do I earn points?

You’re earning points every time you buy groceries, pay for a meal, buy a new shirt, or pick up coffee on your way to work You’ll earn 1 point for every four dollars ($4.00) purchase when you choose credit instead of debit and sign the receipt when making your purchases. Members do not need to visit special websites or make purchases at specific merchants to earn points.

Can I earn points for cash advances on my debit card?

No. No points are earned for cash advances.

Can I earn points when I shop online?

Yes! Internet, mail order and phone order transactions also qualify.

What do I do with the points once I get them?

Awards points can be exchanged for merchandise, travel packages, cash or gift certificates from nationally known retailers. Specifically regarding travel – your purchases earn points, not miles, and you can travel on most US based airlines with fewer restrictions and no blackout dates.

I want to learn more. How do I get more information?

You can call 202-224-2967 or 800-374-2758 (outside DC metro area), access online or stop by one of our branches. You can download the Smart Rewards Brochure (PDF)  for more detailed information.