United States Senate Federal Credit Union

FAQs - Direct Deposit

What is Direct Deposit?

Direct Deposit is the automatic deposit of any recurring check - such as Government or private-industry paychecks, Social Security or retirement checks, and monthly or quarterly dividend and insurance checks - made directly to a member's credit union account.
What is Payroll Deduction?

Payroll Deduction is the automatic deposit of a portion of any recurring government or private-industry paycheck made directly to a member's credit union account.

How do I sign up for Direct Deposit?

While the credit union provides assistance in registering for this service, Direct Deposit is done through your employer and you will need to contact your payroll office. The Direct Deposit sign-up form (Form 1199A) is available online or at any of our branches. Please follow the instructions on the form.

In some cases Form 1199A is available directly from the member's payroll or check issuer. In this case, the member must also complete "Section 3" of Form 1199A indicating the credit union's name and address (United States Senate Federal Credit Union; P.O. Box 77920; Washington, DC 20013 -7920) and routing number("2540-7525-0").

How do I set up an allotment?

This should be done in your payroll office when you fill out the form 1199A - Direct Deposit.

Can I give a voided check to my payroll department for them to set me up with direct deposit?

Your payroll department should ask for both form 1199A (Direct Deposit) and a voided check. Please make sure you highlight your account number.