United States Senate Federal Credit Union

FAQs - eStatement

How do I sign up for USSFCU eStatements?
You can sign up online logging in to CUAnyHour+. Select the eStatement link. This will take you to the Disclosure Agreement. After reading this agreement, click the Agree button. That's it!.
Not enrolled on CUAnyHour+?, get started here.
How do I log on?
Log in to CUAnyHour+. Select the eStatement link. This logs you on to the system and takes you to your currently available statements.
How do I use eStatements?
Once you log on to the system, you can navigate through your statements by simply clicking on one of the statements available. Up to sixteen (16) months of historical statement information may be available depending on the length of your relationship with USSFCU. If you have recently joined, your statement history will be available for the month that your membership commenced.
Will I receive notification when my statement is available?
Yes. We will provide you with notification of the availability of your periodic statement to an e-mail address provided by you. You will be required to access CU AnyHour+ to link to the statement site to view your monthly statement.
Having trouble viewing your e-Statements?

Our statement provider has updated the minimum browser requirements for the USSFCU eStatements platform.

Members will now be required to activate Cookies and JavaScript in their browsers (if they are not already active) before accessing your USSFCU eStatements Web site. "Cookies" are utilized to enforce user authentication and browser security. "JavaScript" provides your eStatement site with greater user interactivity.

Members who do not have each of these features turned on will be prompted to activate them and return to the CU AnyHour+ Web site. 

Turn off blockerIf you are not able to see your eStatements, the Pop-up Blocker in your browser must be turned off.

What are the minimum recommended system requirements for eStatements?
Computer, Modem, Internet connection. Web Browser: Netscape Navigator (version 4.05 or higher) or Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 4.5 or higher). United States Senate Federal Credit Union will notify of you of any change to software and hardware requirements needed to access the system. The notification will be sent to the e-mail address we have on record for your account.
Can I request history prior to 16 months if I have been a member longer

Yes. You may request prior historical statements by logging into CU AnyHour+, select e-Statement, write a detailed message describing the statements that you wish to secure and hit submit or contact us at 202-224-2967 or 800-374-2758 (Outside DC Metro area). Please note that there may be a cost associated with your request dependent on the amount of information requested and the time required to research.