United States Senate Federal Credit Union

FAQs - Senate VISA Smart Credit Cards

How do I request a Balance Transfer?

Call or visit a branch and we will assist you through the process of transferring your higher rate credit card balance with another financial institution to your Senate VISA® Smart Rate or Smart Rewards card. If you are not currently a VISA Smart Rate or Smart Rewards member you can make application for either credit card to take advantage of the low interest rates, no balance transfer fee and other benefits.

What information do I need for transferring a balance over the phone?
You will need the amount you wish to transfer and the account number, name and payment address of the lender from whom you are transferring a balance. There is no fee for balance transfers using the Senate VISA Smart card.
How long will it take to process my Balance Transfer?
We can begin the process of your balance transfer immediately, however, the other financial institution has to receive and process your payment. Keep making minimum payments on the old card until your old issuer confirms that the balance transfer is complete. If the balance transfer paid off debt on your old credit card be sure and get a final statement from your issuer.
Will I be charged a fee for a Balance Transfer?
No. This is just one of the many features of a credit card from USSFCU.
How do I do a Cash Advance?
You can use your Senate VISA credit card to access cash at any ATM displaying the VISA® logo. You may also take a cash advance online at CU AnyHour+ (go to “Accounts”, then “Loan Accounts”, Using the pull down Select Option -Transfer and move the money to another USSFCU account to use as cash), call us or you can present your credit card along with identification at most banks.
Will I be charged a fee for a Cash Advance?
No. This is just another one of the many features of a credit card from USSFCU.
How will you calculate my balance?
We use a method called “Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)”. See your account agreement for more details.