United States Senate Federal Credit Union

FAQs - VCom™ Units


What is a Vcom® Unit?

The user-friendly Vcom Units have been stationed at 7-Eleven stores from coast to coast for almost five years. USSFCU is now part of the network that allows our members to access these units. They are similar to a self-service kiosk, as the Vcom Units perform an extensive list of shared branching services. Do not be put off by the advertising that can sometimes be seen on these machines for other financial institutions or commercial banks, USSFCU is still a part of the network and as a member you are able to use them to conduct transactions on your USSFCU accounts.

What types of shared branching services are available on a Vcom Unit?

  • Cash Withdrawal up to $500
  • Cash Advance up to $500
  • Deposit by Check up to 10 check items (subject to ability for scanning of key information)
  • Payment by Transfer
  • Payment by Check
  • Account Transfer
  • Account Balances and History showing the last ten items that cleared the member’s account

Is there a Surcharge Fee for a shared branch transaction at a Vcom Unit?

No, the Vcom Unit will not charge a fee for performing a shared branch transaction.

What information is needed to begin using the Vcom Unit?

• The name of the your credit union (Our name is listed as United States Senate FCU and can be selected using the touch screen keypad).,
• Member account number at your credit union.
• A debit, credit or check card from the credit union to which you belong.

How easy is it to access credit union accounts?

It is easy and secure. At the Main Menu you will want to select “CU Service Centers” to start your transaction.
Look for the Swirl! First time users will need their account number and a Credit Union issued card with a magnetic stripe. You will be asked questions to verify your identity and to select a PIN for future use. Returning users will need their account number, a Credit Union issued card with a magnetic stripe, and will be asked to enter the previously selected PIN.
The Vcom will guide you through the process with touch screen prompts.

Is there a location guide for the Vcom Units where shared branch transactions can be performed?

You can find them at Service Locator, on the internet at www.cuswirl.com or by calling (888) 287-9475.

How many Vcom Units are currently available?

There are now over 1,700 Vcom Units from coast to coast with others being added every day.

Is there assistance available at the Vcom Unit for questions?

Yes, a phone will be available on the Vcom Unit. It will connect members to the help desk in case
there is a problem with the Vcom Unit or to answer any questions.

Can I access the Vcom Units 24 hours a day?

Yes, all 7-Eleven stores with Vcom Units are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.