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Googolplex High School - C-Note: Activity: Card Shark... Or Magician?

Middle School - AJ's: Collecting Isn't Enough?

Elementary School - 5 Spot: Video Game Time!
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Googolplex: The CU Guide for Student Moneymakers – Hey Kids, Check it Out!
Googolplex is a youth magazine written and designed specifically for young members. The site also offers free comics, newsletters, and kid-friendly images.

Guides to Independence

Spending Money: How to achieve financial goals

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Teens and Young Adults
Guides to Independence shows teens and young adults how to use products and services that the Credit Union offers wisely. It offers 13 online courses with a certificate and free e-music tune to download upon completion of each.


Spend a Day in Someon Else's Shoes

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18-30 Year Olds…This is Your Information Source!
One of the most unique interactive features is MyMoneyMix. It offers new information daily in articles, blogs, and videos. Members can create a profile where they can create a budget; use checklists to get them to get a student loan, buy a car, reduce their spending; save and access favorite articles and budgets; and comment on articles and blogs.


Credit Management Coach

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Anytime Adviser Coaching Guides
The suite of Anytime Adviser online Coaches give members tools that save them money and give them advice to help them make better financial decisions. Online coaches (six who speak Spanish) will walk you through home or car buying, identity theft, etc.

Moe and Family

Somethin' 'Bout a Truck: Picking the Right Pickup

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Financial Information for Running a Household!
Home & Family Finance Resource Center provides members with online personal finance information. New articles are added weekly on homes, autos, technology, money savvy, and retirement--plus online guides offer details on consumers' biggest purchases.

Plan It
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Plan It – Retirement Toolkit
Plan It offers many interactive tools that are sure to keep you coming back for more information. Pre-Retiree Lane is an interactive neighborhood where readers can “meet their neighbor” and see situations they encounter on their road to retirement, as well as vote in polls to see how they compare with other Pre-Retiree Lane viewers on various topics.

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