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Refinance and Save - USSFCU's loan saver allows you to compare your current loan rates which you might have at other financial institutions with the lowest rates available at USSFCU at the current time. You can calculate your own savings, at your convenience, directly online.

If your rate is higher than the lowest rate offered at USSFCU, your savings will be calculated and shown to you immediately. No waiting for a response. Simply fill in the loan information (loan balance, current APR*, and remaining term on your loan) to see if USSFCU can save you money!

Since everyone's credit score and debt-to-income ratio is unique to them, each person may not qualify for the lowest rate possible. However, if you select the Request Savings Proposal button on the SAVE tab after completing all the loan information you wish to compare, a Member Service Officer will walk you through what rate and term you do qualify for with the loan information you provide.

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The APRs shown in the Loan Saver tool are the lowest available within each product category. The savings shown is a comparison of the current APR with the lowest APR offered by the Credit Union for the remaining term of your loan. The savings for Credit Cards is based on the lowest available USSFCU APR and assumes your balance remains constant for one year. Your rate may differ from the ones shown and will be based on your credit history. All savings are estimates. Your ACTUAL savings may vary from the amounts shown. Rates are based on the applicant`s creditworthiness and not all applicants will receive the lowest rate. Terms, rates, and conditions are subject to change without notice.














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