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Windows Safari Users

Effective August 8, 2013, the current and prior major released version of Safari will be supported for Apple/Mac users only when using CU AnyHour+. Safari will no longer be a supported browser for Windows users.

This is a security based change as a result of Apple's decision to not allow Windows users to update beyond the 5.1.7 version of Safari. At this time, Windows Safari users are exposed to at least 121 unpatched items.

Please note that Windows Safari users will not be prevented from using CU AnyHour+. But it is highly recommended that Safari Windows users utilize an alternative browser.

Our Continued Commitment to Web Security

You will experience a more secure USSFCU Web site beginning Sunday, November 17, 2013. You will now see our Web address as (with an additional "s" following "http"). The "s" and the lock symbol indicate the additional security.

All users of our main Web site will automatically be redirected to the secure site address, even if an existing bookmark is used or if is typed in the browser.

If you use Internet Explorer, with default security settings, you may receive a message stating that our site is displaying both secure and non-secure content. Don't be concerned. Click "OK" to display the full page content. This enables you to see and use the links to our partner sites.

We are pleased to provide this service of additional security to our members.

Browser settings

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