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Need Space in Your Budget?

Skip-A-Pay allows you to skip a single loan payment on a pre-existing, USSFCU loan*. Login to Online Banking now to get started. View complete Skip-a-Pay terms and conditions below.

Take advantage of the Skip-A-Pay Today!

  1. Log in to online banking
  2. Select the “Services” tab
  3. Select “Skip a Loan Payment” and click “Continue”
  4. Check the loan that is eligible and click the “Submit” button

Don't currently have a loan with USSFCU? Click below to get started.

Skip-A-Pay is a member rewards program that allows a member to skip a single loan payment on an eligible loan.

All Skip-A-Pays are subject to USSFCU’s approval. By participating in USSFCU’s Skip-A-Pay program, you request that USSFCU defer your loan payment. You will be required to resume your payments the following month. The skipped payment amount will extend the maturity date of the loan. Interest will continue to accrue during the skipped period. Extending the term of the loan may negatively affect any GAP coverage.

Payment extensions through our Skip-a-Pay program are not available on Homeowner Loans, Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Home Improvement Plus, Home Improvement Unsecured or VISA® Credit Cards.

Skip-A-Pay may be requested up to the loan maturity date. Skip-A-Pay is allowed up to 30 days before loan due date and up to 5 days after loan due date.

Only one skipped payment is allowed every 90 days. Only two skipped payments are allowed within the last 365 days.

Skip-a-pay is only allowed on loans that are at least 6 months old with a payment amount greater than $35.

Skip-A-Pay is only permitted if the current loan payment method is cash, coupon or auto-transfer. It is not permitted if the loan payment method is by payroll distribution or a scheduled auto-transfer.

Skip-A-Pay is available only to USSFCU accountholders in good standing. Skip-A-Pay is not available on accounts with more than three payments over 30 days late on any loan, or with any loan that is more than 60 days late in the last 365 days. Dormant, bankrupt, charge off, delinquent, over limit or accounts with an out of date address are ineligible.

Members must have $40 available in savings or $35 available in checking accounts in order to use the Skip-A-Pay service.

Fees Do Apply. Request the Skip-a-Pay service through CU AnyHour. A $25 fee is charged. Please consult our fee schedule for additional details.