Visa Credit Cards

In the spirit of giving back to our members, USSFCU just reduced rates on USSFCU Visa® Smart Rate credit cards by 0.50% and 0.75% on the Visa® Smart Rewards credit cards!

Not a USSFCU Visa® cardholder? Sign up today to take advantage of these new great rates!

Chances are that your mailbox is full of credit card offers featuring low teaser rates and all types of incentives — that are usually accompanied by a great deal of fine print! Fortunately, USSFCU offers two great alternatives, with its Visa® Smart Rate and Visa® Smart Rewards credit cards, to meet our member’s credit card needs.

Unlike many other credit cards, USSFCU Visa® cards have no hidden costs, annual fees, or disappearing promotional rates. With a USSFCU Visa® Smart Rate or Smart Rewards credit card, you will enjoy consistent, low-interest rates; the ability to track and manage your account 24/7; emergency 24-hour card assistance; and free auto rental collision insurance. USSFCU Visa credit cards can also be used wherever Visa® is accepted worldwide.

A new and enhanced online application platform is coming soon.

To apply for a Visa credit card, please contact Member Service Center at 202.224.2967 or visit a branch.

Which USSFCU Visa® credit card — Smart Rate or Smart Rewards — is right for you? Visit our Compare Our Cards page to find out more.

Click here to view our Instant Issue Credit Card Details Sheet.

Verified By Visa — Safeguarding Your USSFCU Cards Online

To provide USSFCU members with an added sense of security when shopping online, USSFCU has partnered with Visa and its Verified By Visa online password protection service.

With Verified By Visa you can create a unique password to verify your identity when your USSFCU Visa credit or debit cards are being used to make online purchases with thousands of participating retailers.

Verified By Visa is both free and easy to use — and provides an extra level of security for your online purchases. Visit Verified By Visa to learn more or to sign up today!

smsGuardian — Text Alert Fraud Protection

To further safeguard member debit and credit cards from potential fraud, USSFCU is proud to offer its members the smsGuardian text alert system free of charge. smsGuardian provides USSFCU members with an added sense of security by sending texts whenever their USSFCU cards are involved in transactions often associated with fraudulent activity.

smsGuardian is easy to use. Whenever members receive smsGuardian texts about transactions they believe to be fraudulent, members need only reply to the texts to stop the transactions and freeze their accounts. Conversely, when members receive smsGuardian texts about transactions they know are legitimate, members can simply ignore the texts. If you receive this message and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don’t need to do anything. If you think that the transaction is fraudulent, simply reply to the text message and your card will be blocked and a new one will be reissued as soon as possible.

How It Works

Every smsGuardian text notification a USSFCU member receives will contain the following information: the last four digits of the member’s card; the name of the merchant; and the amount of the transaction.

But that doesn’t mean smsGuardian texts members about every transaction! On the contrary, smsGuardian focuses specifically on the types of transactions that often suggest the possibility of fraudulent activity.

For USSFCU Visa debit card holders enrolled in smsGuardian, this means they will receive smsGuardian texts regarding the following transactions:

  • International transactions
  • Fuel transactions
  • Authorizations of greater than $200
  • Purchases made without a card present       

USSFCU members enrolled in smsGuardian for their USSFCU Visa credit cards will receive smsGuardian texts for the following types of transactions:

  • International transactions
  • Authorizations greater than $500
  • Purchases made without a card present

It’s easy to sign up for smsGuardian — and it’s just as easy to stop receiving smsGuardian texts if you find it’s not for you! Simply reply “STOP” to any smsGuardian message you receive.

Sign up to today and give smsGuardian a shot!