Prepaid Cards

United States Senate FCU offers a variety of prepaid cards to its members for convenience and money management. They are a modern alternative to American Express Gift Checks and to Traveler's Cheques which USSFCU will no longer offer after 6/30/11.


Now Featuring:

  • Use where debit cards are accepted − at millions of retail locations
  • Freedom to shop − in-store, online or by phone
  • Get cash at ATMs
  • Manage spending − can't overspend, plus track spending and check balance online
  • Anyone can buy and give− fully transferable to recipient



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Initial loads for all cards can be made via cash deposit or transfer from your account at USSFCU. Subsequent loads (except for Gift Cards which are loaded only once) can be made through USSFCU, direct deposit by employer, or through the Green Dot and Western Union networks.

Routing Number: 254075250