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Save for Your Best Life

Typically, when we get our paychecks or money we focus on paying our bills, any debt, etc. first. While you, of course, want to pay these on time, what happens?

You pay these bills, then need money for groceries and gas, and then what’s left? Sometimes you might use that leftover for entertainment or buy something for your home/apt.

Your  savings  gets neglected. Instead after budgeting, immediately move a  percentage to your savings first . And stick to that rhythm.

Savings Account    Youth Savings Account

A saving account is a great place to start building your nest egg but  Money Market Accounts  are a great option if you want to earn a little more in dividends but still have immediate access to your funds. Plus, the more you deposit, the more you could earn.

Money Market Account

If you are looking to earn even higher dividends and have some money to lock away for a time you might want to consider a  Share Certificate Account . You can choose from 6 months to 60 months and the longer the term, the more you could earn.

Share Certificate Account     Bump Rate Certificate Account

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