United States Senate Federal Credit Union

Savings Accounts

Primary Savings

Your USSFCU Primary Savings account establishes you as a USSFCU member and gives you a SHARE of ownership.

  • Open your account with just $5, and as long as you maintain an active account you are a member for life. Must maintain $5 at all times to be a member in good standing.
  • Even if you move or change jobs, you are entitled to all the benefits of USSFCU membership!
  • With a USSFCU Primary Share Savings account you earn dividends, which are paid monthly. The dividends are determined by the average daily balance that are compounded daily.
  • NCUA insured to maximum amount allowed by law.
  • Download the application form and bring it to any of our branches, or mail it to us. A Financial Solutions Advisor (FSA) will contact you to complete the process.
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