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Financial Advisory Services

USSFCU has partnered with Fellows Financial Group to provide members access to professional financial planning and advisory services.

Located in the Greater Washington Metropolitan area, Fellows Financial Group is an independent financial services firm committed to helping all individuals improve their financial lives and achieve their long-term financial objectives. Fellows Financial Group advisors have all the knowledge and resources of the top firms in the country, but with the warm family feel of the local mom & pop shops. 

Fellows Financial Group advisors are available to consult with USSFCU members on a wide-range of financial planning topics, including investment advice, retirement planningestate planning, personal insurance and more. Whether the need is one quick question or ongoing financial assessment, management, and direction, Fellows advisors are available when you need them.

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Phone: 571.205.1515  | Email: [email protected]

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Fellows Financial Group Services

Pursuing your ideal future will require more than simply earning money. Fellows advisors will help you add growth and protection protocols that cover all of your assets today and for generations to come. Besides in-house knowledge and proven financial experience, individual financial management services utilize cutting-edge technology and enlist outside experts to provide objective advice for every client need. 

Goal-Based Financial Planning

Fellows' goal-based planning services will help you map out a path that replaces daily stress and worries with confidence and achievement. They'll begin by helping you identify what you value the most, then structure your life toward achieving your dreams without sacrificing those values. 


Investment Advisory Services

Fellows' investment advisory services will help you apply discipline to your investment options while working toward financial independence. Experienced advisors will work with you to develop a strategy for selecting, monitoring, and managing your investments, ensuring your investment portfolio stays within your desired level of risk.


Retirement Planning

Fellows advisors can help you build funds for the ultimate long-term goal, retirement. And then, once you’re retired or nearing retirement, they can help ensure you’re able to keep your money safe.


Estate & Legacy Planning

Fellows' estate and legacy planning services can help you transfer your wealth to the next generation, whether that’s family, friends, or charitable causes. By asking questions and listening to your visions and dreams, Fellows will help you put a plan in place that will allow your family to survive without you and your legacy to live on.


Personal Insurance

Fellows' insurance advisors will take time to understand your unique situation and identify and eliminate gaps in coverage that might leave you exposed. From auto insurance to home insurance and everything in between, they’re in the business of helping people protect what they value the most.


Business Advisory Services

In addition to personal financial advisory services, our partnership with Fellows allows USSFCU business account holders access to various business advisory and planning services.


The Fellows Team

Blake Fellows | President and Advisor

For more than 18 years, Blake has been a trusted advisor, planner, and advocate for entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals seeking personal service and deep knowledge. Blake has worked very hard to position Fellows to be a full-service planning, investment, and insurance resource to his clients. He believes in taking care of and treating everyone he works with the same way he'd want to be taken care of and treated. 

Blake is a Loudoun County native and a graduate of James Madison University. He is blessed to have the opportunity to also serve on the board for Youth for Tomorrow, an organization founded by Joe Gibbs.

Jeff Schalk | Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Schalk is Fellows' Chief Operating Officer and the co-founder of Fellows Insurance Group, the firm’s commercial and personal insurance company. Jeff has been in the industry for over 3 years and enjoys helping people plan for their future and protect their family’s assets from the risks that face every business owner and individual. Helping people into a situation where they should not need to say,” I never planned to be in this situation,” is what drives Jeff every day. A native of Ohio, Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree from Miami University in Oxford, OH. 

Michael Schimmel | Financial Advisor

Michael studied in Oxford, Ohio at Miami University and graduated with a BA in Political Science and Economics. He has worked for Global and National banks from HSBC Bank to Wachovia in various financial services capacities. Michael’s passion is helping people. He helps clients with financial decisions and implementation, planning for their future, and protecting their family’s assets from the risks that face every individual.

Ken Harvey | Business Development

Ken Harvey, linebacker for the Washington Football Team from 1994-1998, joined the financial industry after working several years as a motivational speaker. Harvey attended the University of California, Berkeley, and went on to an 11-year career in the NFL. His stellar career on the field earned him Four Pro-Bowl selections and is listed among the “80 Greatest Redskins.” . Shortly after receiving that honor, he was chosen and inducted into the “Washington Football Team Ring of Fame at Fed Ex Field.” In 2015, he received his second straight nomination for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Ken is an accomplished author, penning 4 children’s books and two novels. Harvey coined the phrase “Every day I…” to motivate others to ensure each day they live to be the best version of themselves. As he lives by that motto, you will be in the hands of an individual who always gives his best.

Keri Blake | Financial Advisor

Keri Blake is a partner and financial advisor with Fellows & Blake Financial Group in Indianola, Iowa. Her practice focuses on you, the client, and trust. It’s about your goals, your dreams, your concerns. She partners with clients throughout their lifetime using a goals-based experienced approach to help clients live their best life. Keri has earned the credentials of Accredited Asset Management Specialist, and she enjoys continuing her education to better serve her clients. 

Jasmine Lambert | Client Services Associate

Originally from Central Pennsylvania, Jasmine Lambert joined Fellows in October 2018, after completing her bachelor's at Johnson & Wales University. The Johnson & Wales graduate delivers comprehensive service to clients by attending to their account management needs. She excels at finding ways to better serve our clients based on her combined experience of serving in administrative and business development roles within the practice. Working closely with the wealth managers, she prepares reporting materials, executes client requests, and coordinates any additional matters related to their accounts.

Meghan Cotter | Customer Services Associate

Meg, a native Virginian, holds a degree in Veterinary Clinical Sciences. Her professional background includes Information Technology, Banking, and the Financial Services industry, predominantly in Property and Casualty insurance. She has over 10 years of experience. She is always establishing herself as a go-to person; she takes great pride in reviewing her client’s needs and making sure they are covered properly and protected for the events that can occur in life. She enjoys being a teacher and educating on the various ways insurance products can help protect one’s future and daily life.


What is financial planning?

Done right, financial planning is a process that helps you figure out where you are financially today, where you want to be in the future, and then helps you determine a suitable way to get there. With Fellows Financial Group advisors, the process involves an initial in-depth review of a client’s current financial situation and then creating a blueprint on how to manage future goals and objectives.

What is a financial planner or advisor?

A financial planner is someone who uses the financial planning process to help you determine how to pursue your life goals. A financial planner's key function is to help people identify their financial planning needs, their present priorities, and the products that are most suitable to address their needs. They normally possess detailed knowledge of a wide range of financial planning tools and products, but their major role is to help clients choose the appropriate products for each specific need. The planner can take a ‘big picture view of your financial situation and make financial planning recommendations suitable for you. Fellows Financial Group advisors offer a no-obligation “Get Acquainted” meeting via phone or in person.

How can a financial advisor help me?

Anyone looking for financial independence can benefit from working with a good financial advisor either periodically or regularly. Fellows Financial Group serves people at all income levels and from all walks of life—whether the need is one quick question or ongoing financial assessment, management, and direction. Each individual’s situation is unique. Someone just starting may need a detailed, long-term plan of action. In contrast, someone else already on the road to pursuing their goals may need a new strategy, professional insight, fine-tuning, or a second opinion of an existing plan.

Fellows Financial Group advisors work to custom tailor their services to meet each individual’s needs. Goals can be short, intermediate, or long-term. Reducing current income tax liabilities, for example, is a short-term goal, while funding a child’s education an intermediate one and enjoying a secure financial retirement a more long-term goal by focusing on cash flow, investments, taxes, pensions, retirement plans, estate planning, insurance issues, savings opportunities, and other general financial matters.

Do I have to have a lot of money to work with Fellows?

No. Fellows Financial Group advisors have no income or investment account minimums and no minimum income levels or net worth requirements. They value all of their clients and love to help anyone looking to start their path toward financial independence. No matter what you have now, it is always a good time to start planning for your future.

Do Fellows Financial Group advisors provide more than comprehensive financial planning?

Yes. Although a comprehensive financial plan yields the greatest benefits, Fellows Financial Group also tailors their services to individual, specific needs like cash management and budgeting, investment analysis, or college education funding—whatever is critical to you right now.

Why is there an evaluation of my insurance needs?

Evaluating your insurance needs is part of personal financial planning. Insurance takes care of the what-ifs that happen at any time. Insurance is extremely important. Investments take care of your predictable needs and ideally should follow after your unpredictable needs are first addressed.

If I use Fellows Financial Group to develop a financial plan, am I obligated to purchase the recommended products?

Absolutely not! Fellows Financial Group advisors offer recommendations to address your needs and objectives, but you are under no obligation to purchase anything.

How do Fellows Financial Group advisors select investments for a client?

Before recommending any investment, a Fellows Financial Group advisor considers current economic conditions, the outlook for a particular asset class or type of security, and how the investment fits within a client’s portfolio given their goals and objectives and risk tolerance. They hold themselves to a fiduciary standard for their clients; they strive to obtain the most appropriate investment vehicles to meet a client’s objectives while being very conscious of total expenses and risk exposure.

How does Fellows Financial Group charge for financial advice?

If you are simply in the market for a specific financial product, they’ll gladly help educate you on a suitable fit for your needs and facilitate your purchase. In these cases, they do not charge a fee and receive a commission from the company the product is from. If you are looking for an all-encompassing financial plan, they will do an initial discovery meeting, then come back to you with a proposal. Depending on the effort required, they will quote you a fee for their services.

Once my financial plan or project is finished, will our relationship end?

No! You’ll be kept up to date on your financial plan as much or as little as you’d like. Each person is unique, and Fellows Financial Group advisors respect that. They also offer technology that will allow you to check up on your portfolio. Just as someone thinks of an eye doctor as an ongoing provider and has regular checkups to maintain good vision, good fiscal health requires periodic reviews of your finances by a qualified financial advisor. Because financial planning is a process, not an event, Fellows Financial Group advisors offer ongoing services, periodic reviews, and day-to-day consultation as requested and/or needed.

What is the Fellows Financial Group investment philosophy?

The purpose of a client’s investment portfolio is to fund current and/or future financial objectives. The portfolio's design must take into account the client’s financial objectives, tolerance for risk, needs for current income or liquidity, and special considerations such as income and estate taxes. The appropriate allocation of investment assets for your goals and risk tolerance is the most important component in developing an investment portfolio. Fellows Financial Group advisors believe that a diversified, well-balanced portfolio, combined with long-term buy-and-hold strategies, affordability, and patience, increases the likelihood that one will achieve his or her long-term financial objectives.

Why should I make a financial plan?

Financial planning provides direction and meaning to your financial decisions. It allows you to understand how each financial decision you make affects other areas of your finances. For example, buying a particular investment product might help you save adequately to finance your child’s higher education, or it may provide enough for a comfortable retirement. You can also adapt more easily to life changes and feel more confident that your goals are on track and within your comfort zone.

What should I look for in a financial planner?

A financial planner works for you. His or her loyalty should be to the client, not the product(s) they are trying to sell. Fellows advisors believe that being truly independent is the best way to give clients objective advice. As independent advisors, they do not have limitations or requirements to use any specific investment product or solution; this allows them to create customized financial plans that seek to provide income and growth for their clients.

What is fiduciary responsibility, and why is it important?

A fiduciary means to hold confidence or trust. A financial services industry professional who has a fiduciary responsibility to his or her clients must put a client’s needs and interests ahead of their own. Certified Financial Planners have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. While stockbrokers and insurance agents are regulated and licensed, they do not have a fiduciary responsibility to their clients. The recommendations they make must only meet the “suitability standard.” The risk level of the product must be suitable for the client based on income, assets, risk tolerance, or another standard specified in the prospectus.


Not only do Fellows advisors offer a depth of experience and industry knowledge, but they appreciate the value of building a relationship and genuinely care about their client's needs and successes.

It is their mission to provide sound customized financial advice in the best interest of the client. As fiduciaries, Fellows’ advisors uphold a duty of loyalty, fairness and good faith towards each client and seek to mitigate potential conflicts of interest.

For more detailed information on Fellows Financial Group, visit their website at You may also review their Client Relationship Summary Wealthcare Advisory Partners LLC (CRD# 171976). Additionally, information on Fellows Financial Group services, fees, and credentials is available for review on the website of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. You can also find certification, license, and employment history for Fellows Financial Group advisors using FINRA’s BrokerCheck.

If you’re just beginning your search for a financial adviser, you may need some help forming a clear understanding of what a financial advisor is and what they can do for you. This article may offer some insight:

Understanding Financial Advisors >>

As an independent firm, Fellows Financial Group advisors are not confined in the reach of their abilities and can explore all options to make sure clients get the best treatment available.

Part of their adherence to offering clients comprehensive services and products sometimes involves engagement with outside service providers. These relationships are constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure their value-adds to the client experience. While they partner with many corporations, a few stand out as primary providers and are listed below.

logo Lion Street Financial Named Broker-Dealer of the Year for a Third Time PACTA RELATIONS

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice is offered through Wealthcare Advisory Partners, a registered investment advisor. Wealthcare Advisory Partners and Fellows Financial Group, LLC are separate entities from LPL Financial. The LPL Financial Registered Representatives associated with this site may only discuss and/or transact securities business with residents of the following states: CA, CO, DC, GA, FL, HI, IA, MD, MT, NC, OH, PA, VA, TX, WV. Personal and Commercial insurance services are offered through Fellows Insurance Group LLC. Fellows Insurance Group LLC is a separate entity from Fellows Financial Group LLC, LPL Financial, and Wealthcare Advisory Partners.  

The Fellows Financial Group investment products are not insured United States Senate Federal Credit Union deposits and are not NCUA insured. These products are not obligations of the United States Senate Federal Credit Union and are not endorsed, recommended, or guaranteed by United States Senate Federal Credit Union or any government agency. The investment value may fluctuate, the return on the investment is not guaranteed, and loss of principal is possible. United States Senate Federal Credit Union is not a registered broker. All investing involves risk, including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.

Fellows Financial Group LLC, LPL Financial, and Wealthcare Advisory Partners are third-party partnerships and are not affiliated with United States Senate Federal Credit Union and USSFCU Best Life. LPL Financial, Fellows Financial Group LLC, Fellows Insurance Group LLC, and Wealthcare Advisory Partners do not offer tax advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific tax issues with a qualified tax advisor.

It's your staff that make us keep coming back for years and years.

Thank you for letting all of us be a part of your celebration - Happy 85!

USSFCU makes me feel more appreciated than any bank I've had before and helps me save for my future home.

USSFCU Happy 85!!! Best banking and customer service since I was 12. Thank you!

Happy Anniversary to an institution that has become part of our family! Thank you for everything!

Happy Anniversary, thank you for helping retirees with better rates.

Happy Anniversary and thanks to all employees for always being friendly and providing great service.

It's your 85th anniversary, and it's my birthday month - Happy Anniversary to you and Happy Birthday to me!!!

I really enjoy USSFCU's great customer service! They are always so helpful when I call or visit a branch and make my banking experience easy and enjoyable. Thank you!

Congratulations on your 85th year! Thank you for being the best credit union in the business.

Happy 85th Anniversary! I've been a member for 27 years and have always appreciated the great rates and service. Here's to at least 85 more years...

I was referred to USSFCU when I was building my swimming pool. This is the first banking experience that I have had in 48 years that has been so pleasant. USSFCU is the best and the ease of utilizing them for your banking needs is a MUST! Happy Anniversary and MANY MANY MORE!

Happy 85th Anniversary USSFCU and thank you for providing the services that you do as you helped my family to fulfill a dream that we had and it is certainly appreciated.

Happy Anniversary! Much to be proud of... especially the customer service.

When I joined in 1992, I was young and didn't have much financial wherewithal. Over the years, when I've needed a loan, you've helped me out. When I had extra money not doing anything in a savings account, a representative reached out to me to open a money market account. When I bought my first car, you gave me that loan. You've helped me on my fin...

Happy 85th Anniversary! Thank you for providing such great service to all of us who have worked for the U.S. Senate. Having a credit union devoted to our financial care is appreciated. Here's to 85 additional years!!

Happy Anniversary, USSFCU! I have been a proud member since 1993 when I opened my account upon getting my first job out of college in the Architect of the Capitol Curator's Office. Thank you for your service! It's been a great banking experience for me for 27 years.

Happy anniversary! I'm a 20 year member -- I've had/have numerous loans and have always had a great experience working with your staff.

Happy 85th Anniversary. I have been a member for 27 years. I have had nothing but success with my financial goals as a member of USSFCU. Thanks so much!

I joined USSFCU in 1993. I had just started a job as Executive Assistant to a U.S. Senator and being a Black Woman, I felt intimidated and not always accepted in the Senate environment. The one place I felt truly welcomed and comfortable was in the credit union. The staff was professional, courteous and made me feel at home the minute I walked in ...

I am so grateful to be apart of the USSFCU family. I have received outstanding service and am very glad I decided to join this credit union.

Happy 85th to USSFCU!! Thanks for everything! Here's to 85 more years!

Happy 85 years! May your operations continue to flourish!

The USSFCU has been great. I signed up my 2 sons and they have been able use the banking services for their higher education.

Happy 85th from a 53-year member. I remember when the credit union was located adjacent to the barbershop in the basement of the Old Senate Office Building. Great service then! Great service now!

I work in-state but your agency has made it so easy to do business with in many ways. I have a VISA, checking, savings etc. with you and even when I call from Ohio, everyone is so helpful and eager to help. Thank you and Happy Anniversary.

My 38th year as a USSFCU member! I love the personalized service and your kindness over the years. Happy 85th Anniversary!

My first job in Washington was at NRSC which came with Senate FCU privileges. That was in 1989 - I left DC in 1995 and to this day I love the reaction when people see the senate emblem on my credit card and checks.

I joined right after college after accepting my fist job in the USS; now 26 years later, I'm still a member and so happy with your products and service! Congratulations on 85 years of doing right by your members!

As a member of USSFCU since 1967, I can remember when it consisted of one room in the basement of the Russell Building. Congratulations!

Happy 85th! You don't look a day over 30.

Thanks for the great service members receive every day. Happy anniversary.

I have been a member of USSFCU for sixty years and it is still my financial institution of choice. Their service is exceptional and their staff is friendly and helpful.

I was a senate page and messenger for the sergeant of arms when I was 15. 43 years later I'm still a member. I could find no better place to bank despite overseas military serves. Simper Fi! Works here also.

Happy 85th Anniversary USSFCU. I have been a member since I began working for Senator Alan Cranston (Democrat from California) in 1982. Although, I left the Senate when Senator Cranston left office, I have remained a member of the United States Senate Federal Credit to this day. I have had nothing but positive service from USSFCU and will continue ...

More than 20 years with the USSFCU. I am grateful for their friendship. Happy Anniversary!

Happy anniversary! I feel safe and secure banking with my USSFCU family.

Happy anniversary! The wife and I are so happy to be members.

Happy Anniversary! Keep adding value to the great banking services provided to make peoples' lives better.

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all you've done for our family over the past 3 years.

Congrats!! This is the first credit Union I've ever joined and my experience so far has been fantastic!! From everyday help with new cards, to recently adding my new wife to our account after our wedding on 9/27! Thank you for all of you do!! Looking forward to another 85 years!

It's hard to believe how much we've been through since we got together in 1972- two children with accounts, cars, home improvements. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Happy Anniversary to our wonderful family! Wishing you many more years of accomplishments!

Happy Anniversary to USSFCU! I have been a member since 1982. I only worked in the Senate for one year but I'd never give up my membership in the USSFCU! Here's to at least 85 more years!!

My 85 year old mom was born on October 8, 1935... exactly when USSFCU was founded! How's that for karma!!

Happy anniversary United States Senate Federal Credit Union. I love my credit union and the great rates with Visa and car loans. Hoping to refinance my home soon with y'all. My birthday is October 8 and I'll be 57, to think that USSFCU was already 28 years old when I was born. That's amazing keep the good work up.

Thank to the entire USSFCU Team. My every interaction with all of you has been kind and efficient. I appreciate all our your efforts to make our days a little easier and brighter!

Congratulations to USSFCU for 85 years of service...I joined when the Credit Union was just a room in the basement of the Russell Building nearly 50 years ago.

Congratulations Senate Federal Credit Union on celebrating 85 years! I have been blessed to be a member since 1998! I also had the great honor and pleasure to support the Hart Branch of the USSFCU while an employee of the Senate Sergeant at Arms Operations Division! The Hart Branch of the USSFCU has the kindest, friendliest, most professional emplo...

I started in the Senate in 1977. I was in need of a car and had just a few hundred dollars to my name since coming from Minnesota. My boss told me about the Credit Union and walked me over to the Russell building and introduced me to Virginia P. where I joined and she gave me a loan for 1600.00 to buy a car that afternoon.

Congrats! USSFCU has been a reliable financial partner for my family saving me on fees and with low car and personal loan rates. On to the next 85 years!

Thank you for your wonderful service. I joined in 1989 when working for Senator Cochran.

Happy anniversary! Thank you for decades of superb service!

Glad to be part of this great anniversary!

Wishing you a most happy 85th Anniversary. You provide excellent service!

Congratulations to USSFCU on 85 years of service to the community.

Happy Anniversary to one of the best credit unions in the United States! Great for all banking needs.

Happy Anniversary!!! I have been a member since 1993...thank you for the excellent service throughout the years...I wouldn't trust anyone else with my money!

Happy Anniversary USSFCU, you have always been there for me! Your personalized businesses model is unprecedented exhibited by professionalism, kindness with a willingness to make your clients happy will keep us all coming back for years to come! Cheers to the next 85 years.

Happiest of anniversaries to a super credit union. You have given us kind, faithful service. May you be richly blessed in return.

Our family really appreciates all the services the credit union has to offer. We have financed (and re-financed) our mortgage, opened retirement accounts, and established our kids' first bank accounts with USSFCU. Thanks for all that you do!

Thank You for being there through all of these years.

Been a member for more than 50 years. Congratulations!

Happy Anniversary. Keep up the great Union benefits.

I've been a member since I first moved to the area and wouldn't change a thing!

When I became part of the Senate staff it was clear many new doors would open. One, to ussfcu, has remained so for many (about 50 or more) years, helping us through small and larger problems, We have used, enjoyed and appreciated their services.

I've enjoyed banking with USSFCU over the years! It was helpful for managing my money for everything from grad school to my first home to my kids!

A colleague told me she was getting a higher than average interest rate on her savings. I said, "That's the bank for me!"

Congratulations on 85 years. Opening a USSFCU account was one of the very first things I did when I started working on Capitol Hill 20 years ago and I?ve never looked back. It?s my primary bank account to this day. Best wishes for the next 85 years.

Happy 85th. I joined at age 16 in 1979 when I started what turned out to be a full career with the Senate. Things certainly have changed as USSEFCU grew and dropped the "E".

The USSFCU has always been there for me. The staff has shown nothing but professionalism.

Congratulations on 85 years of service to the Congressional community!

I had just graduated from college mid-year and moved to DC from the Midwest in January 1982. One of the first things I was told to do after starting work in the Senate was to open an account at the credit union. I did, and despite the fact that my boss lost in 1984, I have kept my account. The credit union helped me buy my first car. Lots of great ...

It?s a Happy Anniversary for all USSCU members thanks to the 85 years of wonderful and thoughtful service!!! I still love my classic checks! Happy Anniversary!

Happy 85th Anniversary USSFCU! I have been a member since 1983 and I appreciate the tremendous service that I have received throughout my 37 year membership. Keep up the great work!

Ever since I joined in 2011, I've experienced nothing but superior service from USSFCU! From teller assistance to phone conversations, I have never been disappointed. I've banked with many different institutions but I can never see myself leaving USSFCU. Thanks so much!

Happy 85th birthday to an incredible credit union who is always looking out to its members each and every year. Congratulations on this milestone!

Congratulations USSFC! Great customer service. A first class organization!

Very thankful of the stability provided by the USSFCU in these crazy times. Wishing you all safety and love and Happy Anniversary.

Congratulations USSFCU!!! I am a long time member, not only because it is convenient but because of the great service from Credit Union staff. Friendly efficient service from staff at the Hart, Alexandria and GAO locations always comes with a smile. I can't wait for the next annual meeting. Thanks and looking forward to another 85 years.

Thanks to the USSFCU I was able to receive a car loan after years of bad credit. This is a wonderful institution.

Happy Anniversary! Thank you for all that you do. We love our new pool!

I worked in the Senate for 23 years and it was so convenient to dash down to the Credit Union. Following that, I went to the State Department to work for a senior official. My contact from the Credit Union (Dana) was extraordinarily helpful in all things money-related for my "Principal" and for me. I couldn't have managed nearly as well as I did wi...

Thank you for serving the community. It is a pleasure and a joy to say I am a member.

Congratulations USSFCU! I appreciate your efforts to expand services and protect your membership here and abroad.

As a member for more than 40 years, I am thrilled that the USSFCU has reached this milestone, and I wish continued success in the next 85!!!

I have been a member for 40 years and it is one (1) of the best decisions I have ever made for my financial future. Greta, was my 1st teller and has continued to be a very supporting advisor throughout all these years..Happy Anniversary to all your members.

The USSFCU has ALWAYS given me and my family the best service for the last 20 years. I would never switch my banking to any place else. They?re the best!

Eighty-five years is about a lifetime. That's how long we can depend on USSFCU to be with us in good times and bad - for a lifetime.

Estoy muy contento ...

Congrats on making it to 85 and still giving the 3S: Stability, Security, Service and do add Satisfaction

Happy Anniversary! 85 years of helping people fulfill their financial goals, woohoo!!!

I just heard! Is it true? Eighty-five years... Whoop-de-do!

USSFCU has been a great resource for this service disabled Vet - thank you & happy anniversary!!!

Happy 85 Anniversary, I thank for the great job you guys always do, Thanks for allowing me to be part of your family.

Awesome to be celebrating my 25th year Silver anniversary with my credit union spouse the same week that USSFCU is celebrating 85. Much love and gratitude.

A credit union is the financial bestie for working people. I was employed as a credit union rep for 9 years. I promoted legislation to save credit unions as a Us Senate staff representative. Credit unions know who we are as people. I salute the services and dedication of 85 years non stop from the UNITED STATES SENATE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION. Please g...

It?s not just a corporate anniversary, it is an anniversary of a family and community that has grown stronger over the years. USSFCU started with a few but now there are many, not only in numbers but also in engagement, resources, and talents. Wishing you many more years of unparalleled service and success. Happy 85th anniversary USSFCU!

Congratulations from Michigan. Many more successful years ahead.

Happy Anniversary! Your dedicated customer service, both in person and by phone, is greatly appreciated. Thanks for doing it right!

Happy 85th anniversary USSFCU. Thank you for your service! I appreciate the credit union so much.

Congrats! Thanks for being my bank for 42 years!

Have been a happy USSFCU member since the 1980's!

Cheers to our Credit Union on its 85th! Proud to be a Member! Being part the USSFCU has special meaning for me because the first Federally-chartered credit union in the United States was in my hometown: Texarkana, Texas (Morris Sheppherd FCU, in 1934). In addition, a huge influence in my future life in Washington was Congressman Wright Patman, who ...

Happy anniversary USSFCU! I've been a member for 30 years (I'm pretty sure). It's been a great convenience having you in the building, and everyone is always super nice. Thank you!

Thank you for all of your great support over the years! It's nice to call and get similar voices, too, so that means you take care of your employees. Keep up the good work!

2 years ago my dream of owning my own pool came true! Thanks to USSFCU we were able to put in a pool, making my childhood dream come true! Today my children enjoy the pool all the time! Thank you and happy anniversary!!

Happy 85th Anniversary! I have been with the USSFCU since the 80's when I first started working as a teenager. Many loans, careers, military service and years later I am still here despite attempts by other institutions to gain my business. The USSFCU has always been fair, reasonable and looked out for my family and I.

It's been a pleasure banking you'll for nearly 20 years starting with a young savers account. You'll have great rates and the new learning tools are just amazing keep up the great work.

Happy Anniversary! I've been a member over two decades and appreciate the ease of banking and excellent customer service I?ve always received. Cheers to 85 more years!

USSFCU was my first bank - I can remember back in 1998 when I deposited my first check! I have continued to rely on USSFCU for all my banking needs throughout my life milestones and look forward to the future.

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