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Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) is available in CU AnyHour+. It offers the convenience of easily depositing checks into USSFCU savings or checking accounts anytime and from anywhere.

  • Capture check images for deposit with either a flatbed scanner, a compatible smartphone or a tablet. Then use the RDA feature to submit the images to USSFCU for processing.
  • Easy to use, accurate and highly secure, RDA can accept both business and personal checks.
From your personal computer:

   1. Log into CU AnyHour+ and click on "Deposit Checks" tab.

   2. A new window will open. Click on "Create Deposit" button.

   3. First time using RDA, follow directions to install the driver.

   4. Select the account for the deposit and enter the amount.

   5. Scan the front and back of your check.

   6. Click "Accept" button to submit your deposit.

From your smartphone:

  1. Download the USSFCU App if you don't have it installed on your smartphone.

   2. Log into the CU AnyHour+ app and click on "Deposits" link at bottom of screen.

   3. Take a picture of the front and back of your check. Enter the check amount and select the account for your deposit.

   4. Click on "Deposit Check" button to submit.

You will receive a message once your image is received. The transaction will be posted to your account by 4:00 EST with the notation "RDA Deposit".

For more information check the FAQs and Demo video.

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*Use of Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) may require that certain qualifications be met. More information can be found in the Remote Deposit Anywhere FAQs.

Routing Number: 254075250