Revised Endorsement Guidelines

Effective September 5, 2018, USSFCU is updating endorsement requirements when submitting an RDA check deposit through your USSFCU Mobile App. In addition to signing the back of the check you will be required to write the phrase “For USSFCU Mobile Deposit Only” on the two lines under your signature. (Refer to graphic below)

This phrase is referred to as a Restrictive Endorsement (RE). The purpose of the RE is to place better controls around making sure that your check is properly deposited.

Restrictive Endorsement Graphic

Below are some RE guidelines and best practices to ensure your mobile deposit is successful.

  • The phrase “For USSFCU Mobile Deposit Only“ should be written on two lines. (Refer to graphic)
  • Writing the RE on only one line or three or more lines will likely result in an error.
  • The RE must be cleanly written with dark ink and clearly legible.
  • Writing the RE in shorthand, cursive or other writing variants could likely result in an error.
  • The RE must be isolated and not overlap with other text, signatures, etc.
  • The RE must be written horizontally in the endorsement area of the check, when the check is held vertically in portrait mode. (Refer to graphic)
  • The RE must be in the correct orientation (not upside-down).
  • Abbreviated inscriptions will not work (for example, using “4” instead of “For” or “Dep” instead of “Deposit”).
  • The image must be clear and in focus with all four corners of the check visible, allowing the RE to be clearly legible.

1 Remote Deposit Anywhere (RDA) is available to all members without approval. You must have a CU AnyHour+ Online Banking Account established before you can enroll in RDA. You can review the RDA agreement & system requirements by logging in to your CU AnyHour+ Online Banking Account and clicking on “Agreements” at the top right of the page. RDA deposit count limitations are 10/day and 10/month. RDA amount limits are $5,000/day and $20,000/month.