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Our newsletter, the USSFCU Spotlight, is a quarterly publication that is filled with tips, products and services information while covering all of the vital information you need to keep up with your credit union.

The newsletter is now available in a Virtual Flipbook which you will see below. 

Below are a few tips when viewing the Virtual Flipbook:

  • The flipbook is best viewed in full-screen mode by clicking on the "expanding box" icon at the bottom right
  • Use the arrows on the left and right of the newsletter to turn through the pages
  • You can also navigate through the flipbook by dragging the navigation slider at the bottom left
  • Zoom in and out of the newsletter by clicking the plus and minus signs at the bottom
  • Download a pdf version of the newsletter by clicking on the "down arrow" at the top left
  • View past editions of the newsletter by clicking "see more" at the top
  • Share the flipbook on social media by clicking "share" on the top right

Previous issues are also available in PDF format below the virtual flipbook on this page. Don't miss it!

Our latest newsletter:

Past editions:

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