Additional Services

At United States Senate Federal Credit Union, banking doesn't just stop at accounts and loans. We offer our hard-working members a wide variety of supplemental services — online, by phone, and in branch. Find out more about these services below, and contact us for details.

Prepaid Cards

USSFCU offers a variety of prepaid cards that members can use wherever Visa® is accepted. Prepaid cards provide a more convenient and safer way to pay than cash. Interested? Find the card that fits your needs below and pick one up at one of our convenient branches.

Gift Card: Give the gift of choice to your friends and family! Prepaid Visa gift cards are accepted at virtually any merchant that accepts Visa cards. Available to USSFCU members in any denomination up to $1,000. Head over to a branch and pick one up today! 

Reloadable Card: Need help sticking to your budget? Try a prepaid reloadable card that is available anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted and allows you to control how much you spend. It’s a more secure alternative to cash.

Travel Card: Avoid the hassle of traveler’s checks with a prepaid Visa travel card. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility that comes with worldwide card acceptance.

Youth Card: Take control of where, when, and how much your child spends — with no overdraft fees. Get text alerts sent to you and the cardholder and the convenience of reloading anytime with online banking.

Foreign Currency

USSFCU takes pride in offering you the most convenient and secure method of purchasing foreign currency for over 100+ countries without paying the high fees found in currency exchange outlets. Order online now and come into a branch for pickup!

Domestic Wire Transfers

Need to send money? USSFCU members can move funds easily and securely with a wire transfer. Wire transfer processing hours are 10:00am and 2:00pm at any of our three, convenient locations or by contacting Member Services at 800.374.2758.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is a free service that USSFCU provides to our valued members. Have your paycheck, Social Security, pension and many other recurring forms of income automatically deposited in any checking or savings account you choose. Get started today by downloading and filling out the PDF application!


USSFCU offers the ability to transfer funds to any savings or checking account or to make a loan payment on a recurring basis. This can be set up for a fixed time or when you have an automatic deposit hit your account. Contact us for more information on how to sign up!