Smart Rewards

Visa® Smart Rewards – USSFCU’s Premium Credit Card Option

USSFCU’s premium credit card, the Visa Smart Rewards card, offers all the benefits of USSFCU’s standard Smart Rate Card, plus the ability to earn valuable and redeemable rewards for your purchases!

USSFCU's Smart Rewards Visa credit card allows members to earn one point for every dollar spent through Smart Rewards.** Points can be redeemed for a wide range of travel rewards, gift certificates and cash!

And one of the Smart Rewards program’s most popular features is that the rewards it offers aren’t tied to any specific airline, hotel chain, or company’s merchandise!

USSFCU Visa Smart Rewards Points are:

  • Earned for every USSFCU Smart Reward purchase, except cash advances or balance transfers
  • Not subject to any sign up, use, or maintenance fees
  • Not limited to any specific retailer’s goods or services

Accessing Smart Rewards and Redeeming Smart Reward Points

USSFCU members can visit the Smart Rewards website to establish their accounts, track their Smart Rewards points and view options for redeeming their Smart Rewards points.

Members can also call 877.909.1450, Monday through Friday from 6 am to 6 pm PST, for information on their Visa Smart Rewards account. Members outside the US or Canada can call 206.352.3478 collect.

For additional information on Smart Rewards, please download the Smart Rewards brochure (PDF) and the Smart Rewards Agreement and Disclosure (PDF)

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Block and Report a Lost or Stolen Card.

*For more information, please see the terms and conditions.

**See Visa disclosure for cash advance and over-the-limit details on our rate page.