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Transactional Fees & Charges

Effective 02/01/2020

Membership Fees

Service Description Fee
Membership Fee One time, non-refundable fee to maintain lifetime membership $1.00
Closed Account Fee Charged when a new account is closed within 90 days of opening $5.00
Inactive Account Fee After no member initiated activity for one year, feeis charged every six months* $5.00

* Automated postings to an account are not considered activity. The account activity must be initiated by the member in order to not become subject to the fee. Share Certificates (CDs) and IRA Share accounts are not specifically subject to the inactivity fee. However, if there are additional accounts associated with a CD and/or an IRA Share (i.e. primary share or savings, checking, money markets, etc.), these account types would subject to the inactivity fee. If the primary share account is at the minimum required balance ($5 per member listed on the account), the fee would not be applied.

Transaction Services

Service Description Fee
Check Copy   $5.00
Member Privilege Fee Per item fee to access Member Privilege Overdraft Protection $28.00
Excessive Transactions Fee Fee for exceeding allowable number of transactions per month per Reg. D for savings and money market shares. $28.00
Returned Check Fee Fee for dishonored items deposited to a member's account. $28.00
Returned Payment Fee/NSF/Overdraft Fee for a dishonored check, including electronic returns; Non-sufficient funds; Overdrafts $28.00
Stop Payment Fee for one check or check series or one ACH $28.00

Transfers to Pay Checks

Service Description Fee
Call Center Transfer Transfers initiated through Call Center staff $2.00
Transfer Fee Transfers that are automatic or are initiated through CU AnyHour or Teleaction No Charge

Gold Source Checking

Service Description Fee
ATM Fees Gold Source Accounts pay NO USSFCU ATM fees No Charge
Minimum Balance Fee Fee imposed for balances below $2,000 minimum $15.00

Smart Certificates

ATM Fees

Service Description Fee
Non-USSFCU ATMs USSFCU fee; Other ATM operator fee may apply $1.00
USSFCU ATMs This includes Congressional FCU and certain network ATMs No Charge
USSFCU ATMs-Non-USSFCU Cards Non-USSFCU, WPCFCUor appropriate network cards at USSFCU ATMs $3.00


Service Description Fee
Address Search Bad address fee - every 6 months $10.00
Cashier's Check Payee is other than member $6.00
Check Cashing Non-Member Cashing member check by non-member $10.00
Expedited/Overnight Delivery Member request to have items expedited or sent overnight $30.00
Pay by Debit Card Payment using a non-USSFCU card     $10.00
PIN Reorder Fee to order PIN - free in branch $10.00
Reloadable Cards See separate schedule Varies
Replacement VISA® Card Replaced for reasons other than fraud $10.00
Research Per hour or fraction $30.00
Statement Reprint Request Per statement $5.00
Verification Fee Deposits or Loans - per request $25.00
Visa® Draft Copy Copy of merchant draft $20.00

Foreign Service/Wire Transfers/Other

Service Description Fee
Domestic Wire N/A $25.00
Foreign Check Deposit Canada $20.00
Foreign Check Deposit Other than Canada $40.00
Foreign Currency Foreign currency Varies
Incoming Wire All incoming No Charge

Web Bill Pay

Service Description Fee
Web Bill Pay Free with eNotices No Charge

Skip A Pay Services

Service Description Fee
Skip a Pay Fee CU AnyHour $25.00
Skip a Pay Fee In Branch/Phone $35.00


Service Description Fee
Annual Fee for Personal Financial Manager and Account Aggregation N/A No charge
Per Item Fee for Bank to Bank (ACH) Transfer N/A No charge

Download Fee Schedule (PDF)

Transaction Limits