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Youth Savings

Help your children develop healthy savings habits that will serve them throughout life by opening a USSFCU Youth Savings Account! With this free, dividend-bearing account, children can watch their savings grow. USSFCU Youth Savings Accounts make it easy for friends and family to contribute to children’s savings goals or reward them for achieving personal milestones!

  • Available to young savers up to 18 years in age
  • Competitive dividends earned on account balances
  • No service fees
  • Free onlinemobiletelephone banking, and eNotices*
  • Easy-to-use deposit options for family and friends
  • A $5 minimum balance to open



Savings accounts for kids offers far more value than a place to deposit money.

By giving kids the experience of depositing money into their account and then watching the numbers increase as they make more deposits, they are able to see, feel and experience the benefits of financial addition.

Unlike a piggy bank or money in a jar that can be accessed on impulse, savings accounts for kids require children to take a series of steps in order to access their cash. When children go to the bank to withdraw their cash, they learn to slow down and think through the impact of their purchase — before buying on impulse.

Savings accounts for kids allow them to learn that they have control over money, based on the choices they make. When kids have their own accounts, they are empowered to set goals based on what they feel is important, and establish the self-discipline to make the choices required to reach them.

Saving consistently is an important behavior that kids can learn by having their own savings accounts, even if they contribute only a small amount of money into their account every week or month. Little by little, they’ll see their balance grow, while absorbing an important fact of saving: Consistency is key. As they get older and start to earn money, the act of making consistent deposits can help them form positive financial habits.

The sooner you proactively educate children about how to manage their money, the more likely they’ll become financially savvy adults. Financial education can be instrumental in helping children develop health money habits. Check out the websites below for unique resources on teaching and engaging young savers.

This is not intended to be an endorsement by USSFCU.

Youth Savings Accounts (YSA) available for children up to 18, or 21 if designated, years in age based on the District of Columbia Transfers to Minors Act. A $5.00 minimum deposit and one-time membership fee of $1.00 is required to open a YSA. Minor identification required. YSA may be established from another share account as a joint account with an adult, or as a custodial account. YSA can be established as a custodial account under the Uniform Gift to Minors Act or the Uniform Transfer Minors Act. *Data carrier rates may apply.