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Lending Fees & Charges

Effective 01/01/2016

Lending Fees & Charges

Service Description Fee
Attachment, Writ or Levy Fee Per Attachment, Writ or Levy $75.00
Home Equity Fees Pass Through Closing Fees Varies
Home Equity Modification Fee N/A  $250.00
Letter of Credit Fee Fee to issue performance bond, minimum $250.00 1%
Lien Registration Fee to Place Lien on Vehicles Varies
Loan Modification Fee Troubled Debt Restructures Only $25.00
Skip a Pay Fee CU AnyHour+ $25.00
Skip a Pay Fee In Branch/Phone $35.00
Subordination Fee N/A $500.00
Late Payment Fee by Phone Electronic payment for delinquent loan(s) using a non-USSFCU account $7.00

Download Lending Fee Schedule (PDF)

Transaction Limits