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Apply for a Loan or Credit Card

Thank you for your interest in applying with USSFCU! Our online application process makes it easier than ever to apply for a  USSFCU loan or credit card.

A few things to know before applying for your USSFCU loan or credit card.

  • Only USSFCU primary members can apply (individuals listed as a "joint" on the account cannot apply)
  • Co-borrowers of a loan must be a USSFCU primary member

Now that we are all squared away with the details, follow the simple instructions below to get started.

Current members:

  1. Log in to CUAnyHour+ Online Banking.
  2. Once inside Online Banking, click the "Apply for Loan" tab in the top navigation bar.


  1. Click the button below to apply for membership.
  2. Once your account has been opened, you can follow the steps above to apply for your loan or credit card.