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Early Direct Deposit

Get Paid Sooner with Early Direct Deposit!

When your funds are directly deposited into your USSFCU account, they become availableimmediately, instead of waiting until the day they are scheduled to post. That’s often two days earlier than most banks or credit unions!1

How does Early Direct Deposit work?

When your employer processes payroll, they submit files to the Federal Reserve notifying them how much each employee will be paid that week. The Federal Reserve sends that information to us every day to let us know how much and when you’ll be paid. Instead of waiting until your payday to deposit the funds, we make that money available as soon as we receive the notification. For many members, we receive a notification on Wednesday for a Friday payday (which means your paycheck is available two days sooner).

Setting up early deposit is easy. Simply submit the following information to your employer:2

United States Senate Federal Credit Union
P.O. Box 7790
Washington, DC 20013-8920

USSFCU Routing Number: 254075250

Account Number: Your USSFCU account number can be found on your monthly statement or by signing in to CU AnyHour+

It could take a few weeks for the direct deposit to go into effect. Monitor your bank account regularly so you’ll know when automatic deposits start appearing.

Deposit Wisely—Save More: You can choose to deposit 100% of your check into one account, or you can spread the amount across multiple accounts. For example, you could designate 20% of your paycheck or benefit check to go into a high-yield savings account. The remaining 80% could go into your checking account, where it would be available to pay monthly bills and everyday expenses.

1Electronic deposits are available up to four business days early depending on timing of receipt into our Automatic Clearing House (ACH) database. Member must be enrolled in direct deposit through their employer. 2Employer terms and conditions may apply.

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