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Effective 01/01/2016

  • Transactional Fees & Charges
  • Lending Fees & Charges
Service Description Fee
Membership Fees
Membership Fee One time, non-refundable fee to maintain lifetime membership $1.00
Closed Account Fee Charged when a new account is closed within 90 days of opening $5.00
Inactive Account Fee After no activity for one year, fee is charged every six months $5.00
Transaction Services
Certified Check   $10.00
Check Copy Free on CU AnyHour+ $5.00
Member Privilege Fee Per item fee to access Member Privilege $28.00
Returned Check Fee Fee for exceeding allowable number of drafts in a month per FRB Regulation D $28.00
Returned Deposit Item Fee Fee for a dishonored item deposited to a member's account $28.00
Returned Payment Fee Fee for dishonored check (including electronic returns) $28.00
Stop Payment Fee for one check or check series or one ACH $28.00
Transfers to Pay Checks
Call Center Transfer Transfers initiated through Call Center staff $2.00
Transfer Fee Transfers that are automatic or are initiated through CU AnyHour or Teleaction Free
Cost of Printed Checks
Check Orders Custom designs, additional boxes (standard USSFCU checks - 1 box free per year) Varies
Gold Source Checking
ATM Fees Gold Source Accounts pay no CU fees Free
Minimum Balance Fee Fee imposed for balances below $2,000 minimum $15.00
Smart Certificates
 90 days of dividends paid and accrued on the withdrawal for terms of 1 year or less
 120 days of dividends paid and accrued on the withdrawal for terms of greater than 1 year and up to and including  2 years
 180 days of dividends paid and accrued on the withdrawal for terms of greater than 2 years and up to and including 3 years
 360 days of dividends paid and accrued on the withdrawal for terms of greater than 3 years
ATM Fees
Non-USSFCU ATMs USSFCU fee - ATM operator fee may apply $1.00
USSFCU ATMs This includes Congressional FCU and associational network ATMs Free
USSFCU ATMs - Non-USSFCU Cards Non-USSFCU, Congressional FCU or associational network cards at USSFCU machines $3.00
Address Search Bad address fee - every 6 months $10.00
Bond Redemption Fee Per coupon $5.00
Cashier's Check Payee is other than member $6.00
Check Cashing Non-Member Cashing member check by non-member $10.00
Expedited/Overnight Delivery Member request to have items expedited or sent overnight $30.00
Pay by Debit Card Payment using a non-USSFCU card    NEW $10.00
PIN Reorder Fee to order PIN - free in branch $10.00
Reloadable Cards See separate schedule Varies
Replacement VISA Card Replaced for reasons other than fraud $10.00
Research Per hour or fraction $30.00
Statement Reprint Request Per STATEMENT $5.00
Verification Fee Deposits or Loans - per request $25.00
Visa Draft Copy Copy of merchant draft $20.00
Foreign Service/Wire Transfers/Other
Domestic Wire   $25.00
Foreign Check Deposit Canada $20.00
Foreign Check Deposit Other than Canada $40.00
Foreign Currency Foreign currency Varies
Foreign Drafts Per item $20.00
Incoming Wire All incoming $10.00
Web Bill Pay
Web Bill Pay FREE WITH eNOTICES $5.00
Skip A Pay Services
Skip a Pay Fee CU AnyHour $25.00
Skip a Pay Fee In Branch/Phone $35.00
Annual Fee for Personal Financial Manager and Account Aggregation   No charge
Per Item Fee for Bank to Bank (ACH) Transfer   No charge


Transaction Limits
Service Description Fee
Lending Fees & Charges
Attachment, Writ or Levy Fee Per Attachment, Writ or Levy $75.00
Home Equity Fees Pass Through Closing Fees Varies
Home Equity Modification Fee   $250.00
Letter of Credit Fee Fee to issue performance bond, Minimum $250.00 1%
Lien Registration Fee to Place Lien on Vehicles Varies
Loan Modification Fee Troubled Debt Restructures Only $25.00
Skip a Pay Fee CU AnyHour+ $25.00
Skip a Pay Fee In Branch/Phone $35.00
Subordination Fee   $500.00
Late Payment Fee by Phone Electronic payment for delinquent loan(s) using a non-USSFCU account $7.00


Transaction Limits


Routing Number: 254075250