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Car Buying Service Powered by TRUECar®

The USSFCU Car Buying Service Powered by TRUECar makes car buying simple.

Have the dealers come to you and get the special TRUEPrice for your auto. TRUEPrice by TRUECar® saves an average of $3,402 on vehicles purchased using the car buying service.With a national network of more than 16,000 dealers (representing just under 20% of all franchised dealers) competing for your business, you can expect to pay the price you want not settle for the price that is offered. You can shop both new and used autos to find your perfect deal. You can even get the value on your current car.

The USSFCU Car Buying Service puts the power back in your hands to get the best deal possible.

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What is TRUECar®?

TRUECar® is an information and technology platform that enables its users to communicate with TrueCar Certified Dealers for a great car buying experience. The mission is simple: make the car buying process simple, fair and fun. Achieving this goal begins with analyzing the most accurate, timely and comprehensive pricing information available and then making it easy to understand and available to all; free of charge. This kind of pricing information, which has only recently become available, will allow you to recognize a fair price based on what others actually paid. The result: consumers and dealers now have a guide that helps them establish a baseline of trust and agree on the parameters of a fair deal.

While pricing information is essential, TRUECar® also understands that price isn't the only thing that matters when buying a car. You also want a great experience. So, TRUECar® partnered with a national network of more than 16,000 dealers (representing just under 20% of all franchised dealers) who share the belief that truth, transparency and fairness are the foundation of a great car buying experience.

Is there a fee for using this service?

TRUECar®  does not charge you any fees for using the services. TRUECar® ordinarily receive fees from their Certified Dealers in connection with the services. In some instances, they also receive fees from automobile manufacturers and/or third-party service providers. USSFCU does not fall into any of these categories and there will be no fees passed along to our members for using TRUECar®.

How do I use the Price Report?

On the TRUECar® Price Report, they show you what you can expect to pay on average for new cars in your area, based on what other people actually paid for their cars. TRUECar® does all this so you’ll be confident in your car purchase. Harness the power of this information, recognize a fair deal and essentially become a car buying expert.