Visa® Credit Cards

USSFCU Visa® cards have no hidden costs, annual fees, and no balance transfer fees.

With a USSFCU Visa® Smart Rate or Smart Rewards credit card, you will enjoy consistent, low-interest rates; the ability to track and manage your account 24/7; emergency 24-hour card assistance; and free auto rental collision insurance. USSFCU Visa® credit cards can be used wherever Visa® is accepted worldwide.

$0 Balance Transfer Fee—Consolidate your spending today. One card, one payment, one great low rate.

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smsGuardian — Text Alert Fraud Protection

To further safeguard member debit and credit cards from potential fraud, USSFCU is proud to offer its members the smsGuardian™ text alert system free of charge. smsGuardian™ provides USSFCU members with an added sense of security by sending texts whenever their USSFCU cards are involved in transactions often associated with fraudulent activity.

smsGuardian™ is easy to use. Whenever members receive smsGuardian™ texts about transactions they believe to be fraudulent, members need only reply to the texts to stop the transactions and freeze their accounts. If you think that the transaction is fraudulent, simply reply to the text message and your card will be blocked and a new one will be reissued as soon as possible. If you receive this message and you know the purchase is legitimate, you don’t need to do anything.

How It Works

Every smsGuardian™ text notification a USSFCU member receives will contain the following information: the last four digits of the member’s card; the name of the merchant; and the amount of the transaction.

But that doesn’t mean smsGuardian™ texts members about every transaction! On the contrary, smsGuardian™ focuses specifically on the types of transactions that often suggest the possibility of fraudulent activity.

For USSFCU Visa® debit card holders enrolled in smsGuardian™, this means they will receive smsGuardian™ texts regarding the following transactions:

  • International transactions
  • Fuel transactions
  • Authorizations of greater than $200
  • Purchases made without a card present       

USSFCU members enrolled in smsGuardian™ for their USSFCU Visa® credit cards will receive smsGuardian™ texts for the following types of transactions:

  • International transactions
  • Authorizations greater than $500
  • Purchases made without a card present

It’s easy to sign up for smsGuardian™ — and it’s just as easy to stop receiving smsGuardian™ texts if you find it’s not for you! Simply reply “STOP” to any smsGuardian™ message you receive.

Sign up to today and give smsGuardian™ a shot!

Data carrier rates may apply.
Visa® Account Updater

With online shopping and auto bill-pay growing rapidly, almost everyone has a card-on-file somewhere. Updating card info when a new card is issued can be tedious and time consuming. Visa® Account Updater (VAU) simplifies this process for you!

When your Visa® debit or credit card expiration date or card number changes, whether it’s lost, stolen or reissued for other reasons, VAU will communicate your new card information directly to the participating merchants that you have authorized to charge your card.

What is Visa® Account Updater? VAU enables the secure electronic exchange of card number and expiration date updates between USSFCU and participating card-on-file (COF) merchants.

VAU is designed to help prevent interruption of your recurring payments and possible service disruptions when your card information changes. We recommend that you notify each merchant of your new debit (check) or credit card number and/or expiration date to ensure your payments continue uninterrupted.

VAU only applies to recurring Visa® debit and credit card payments, and updates are only sent to qualified participating merchants.

What does this service do? The VAU service takes the most recent Visa® card number and expiration date updates in our system and updates this information with merchants that have those specific cards on file. Not all merchants participate in this service.

Benefits of the VAU service:

  • Offers a seamless account-update process, eliminating the need for direct action on your part.
  • Helps prevent interruption of your recurring payments and possible service disruptions when your card information changes.
  • Reduces negative experiences caused by declines.

Visa® automatically enrolls USSFCU members in this service. However, you may opt out of this service at any time by contacting Card Services at or by calling 800.374.2758.*

View our Visa® Account Updater FAQ for more information.

Visa® Account Updater is a Visa® service; not a USSFCU service. VAU only applies to recurring Visa debit and credit card payments, and updates are only sent to qualified participating merchants. Not all merchants subscribe to VAU. Contact merchant(s) directly to find out if they participate in Visa® Account Updater. Complete information on all Visa® services can be found by visiting Visa®’s website at

*Members should not send personal information via email. 

Advanced Risk Detection Technology

Verified by Visa® enrollment is no longer required on our US Senate Federal CU credit cards, but rest assured that your Visa® card transaction is still secure. Your security is important, and therefore we have deployed advanced risk detection technology to monitor transactions which eliminates the need for passwords, allowing you to shop without interruption.