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Visa® Debit Cards

In partnership with Visa®, USSFCU offers its members a safe, easy-to-use, and free debit card that features all the standard debit card benefits as well as the opportunity to earn valuable rewards!

USSFCU’s Visa® debit cards, which can be used at ATMs around the world, offer greater security than cash and are more widely accepted than checks.

In addition, USSFCU Visa® debit cards can be used as a credit card, enabling USSFCU members to earn valuable rewards points on their purchases wherever Visa® is accepted. This combination of features makes USSFCU’s Visa® debit card an extremely versatile account to have access to your money.

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USSFCU’s Visa® debit cards provide:

  • A fast, free, and easy-to-use payment option
  • A safer alternative to cash
  • A better alternative to checks
  • 24/7 access to funds via 100,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide through the Credit Union 24 network*
  • The opportunity to earn valuable rewards wherever Visa® is accepted

*USSFCU fees may apply. Please check the fee schedule for additional information.

Smart Rewards is the name of the program that enables USSFCU members to earn redeemable points with their USSFCU Visa® debit cards. It's the same program that rewards points to USSFCU members who hold USSFCU Visa® Smart Rewards credit cards.

To earn points through Smart Rewards with USSFCU Visa® debit cards, members simply choose the "credit option" at the point of sale and sign a receipt for their purchase. For every four dollars spent via this "credit option" USSFCU Visa® debit card holders earn a point through the Smart Rewards program.

Smart Rewards points are redeemable for a wide range of travel rewards, gift certificates, and cash!  And one of the Smart Rewards program's most popular features is that the rewards it offers aren't tied to any specific airline, hotel chain, or company's merchandise. Below are a few additional points regarding Smart Rewards:

  • Smart Rewards can be earned on purchases made at any retailer or vendor that accepts Visa®
  • Smart Rewards requires no sign-up or maintenance fees
  • Smart Rewards points accrue automatically without requiring any initiation forms or processes
  • Smart Rewards points are earned on card purchases where the USSFCU Member has provided a signature — and they are not earned when purchases are made by entering a PIN
  • Smart Rewards for USSFCU Visa® debit card holders are available only for USSFCU debit cards tied to a USSFCU checking account
  • Smart Rewards points can only be earned on purchases, and cannot be earned on cash advances or cash transfers
  • Smart Rewards points expire after 36 Months

Accessing Smart Rewards and Redeeming Your Points

To access your points and/or create an account, log on to Smart Rewards 24/7 online OR call the redemption center at 877.909.1450, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

Members' Voice Testimonials

USSFCU puts members first and helps people. Compared to U.S. banks, which forget their humble beginnings and often behave like (they are) above the law. Credit unions seem to have maintained their purpose and USSFCU is among the best. I am proud to be a member and grateful for the service provided by USSFCU.

I've been a member for about 31 years now and I've always been able to count on the USSFCU when I've really needed them.

Excellent customer service. Staff are knowledgeable, responsive and able to provide individualized help. I live in another state and am still amazed how easy it is to use USSFCU for all my financial needs. It has always been this way and with technology solutions, it is easier than ever. But it is the personal assistance that really makes the diffe...

Been a member for a very long time. I have always been treated with kindness and expertise. Keep up the good work!

Love the phone calls regarding possible suspicious activity with my account. It's reassuring to know that everything is safe.

I would recommend the USSFCU based on the excellent customer service I have received from the Senate Credit unions I have visited (Eisenhower and GAO).

Accessibility and customer service have been exceptional. I have been a member for almost 40 years and have always been satisfied with the service and professionalism of the staff.

USSFCU cares about those who bank with it and that caring is not lip service but translates into action.

I have been with the credit union for almost 15 years and all in all am extremely pleased with the service I have gotten. Definitely better than any bank.

Very personable, solution based and takes in interest in your situation.

Unfailing service by dedicated staff. I feel that USSFCU has my back. Staff has gone to bat for me whenever needed. I'm not aware on any mistake or inconvenience in my 30 years of membership. Excellent long term leadership, continuity and service by board.

Easy to become a member and superb customer support. I dealt with two different USSFCU representatives and they were fantastic. I was able to reach them immediately or if they were tied up they contacted me as soon as they became available. They helped me open an IRA and answered any and all questions with great attitudes and professionalism. They ...

The credit union provides relatively good services and the security updates to the system are noticeable.

It took a matter of minutes to open the account and purchase a CD. The credit union that I have done business with for about 40 years took more than a week to close a joint account and transfer the funds to a new account when my husband died.

Outstanding online and mobile banking services. Professional, Courteous, knowledgeable responsive staff!

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