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Bill Pay Upgrades
Start using your upgraded Bill Pay today!
Your Bill Pay is now even simpler and more convenient. That's because your upgraded Bill Pay home page is now a dashboard that allows you to view your payees, upcoming bills, payment history and account balances at a glance.
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Bill Pay is a service within CU AnyHour+ Online Banking that allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your account. You determine who you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and which account you want the payment to come from. It is quick, convenient and very easy to use.

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Here's a quick list of the many ways you can benefit from using Bill Pay.
  • Save time. It takes only minutes to pay your bills each month. You save time on trips to the post office and filing away paper receipts. In addition, smart features such as recurring payments allow you to set up a schedule to pay your bills automatically.
  • Save money. Online bill pay saves on postage, envelopes, late fees, and checks. If you pay just 10 bills per month, you can easily save over $75.00* per year.
  • Stay organized. Your payment history is stored online so you won't have to file and sort through paper receipts.
  • Gain peace of mind. You can schedule payments in advance so you won't have to worry about paying bills when you travel. Bill Pay reminders are also available to notify you it's time to pay your bill.
  • Help the environment by saving paper. With bill pay, there are no checks to write or envelopes to mail. That's good news for you and the environment.
*Savings are approximate and based upon the average annual cost of stamps, envelopes, and checks required for paying ten bills per month.
  • Single sign-on integration with online banking solution
  • eBills electronic bill presentment lets customers receive all their bills electronically in a single location
  • Bill pay calendar shows when payments are scheduled
  • Payment history stored for a minimum of 18 months
  • Person-to-person electronic payments to individuals with an email address
  • Account-to-account interbank transfers*
  • Multiple payments scheduled from a single screen
  • Check payment tracking features
  • Rush payment option (delivery fee may apply)
  • Text message or email reminders to pay bills
  • Gift and Donation payment options that send customized cards with an attached check
  • Member support is available until 2 am for this service.

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Bill Pay "How To"  


Start using your upgraded Bill Pay today.

Now your upgraded Bill Pay home page will be an account dashboard that allows you to monitor payment activity at a glance. From your dashboard you'll be able to:

BILL PAY Add a new payee faster than ever. Click the “Add a payee” button and enter the required information

BILL PAY Make a payment in just one click. Choose a payee and enter the payment amount and date. Then click “Submit.”

BILL PAY Automate recurring payments and save time each month. Select “Make it recurring” when you schedule your next payment.

BILL PAY See payment amounts and due dates of upcoming bills with eBill. Click on the “eBill” icon next to your payee to get started.

To learn more about using your upgraded Bill Pay, view this helpful how-to

If you have any questions, please contact a Financial Solutions Advisor
at 202-224-2967 • 800-374-2758 (outside DC metro area).

 BillPay button  1. Log into CU AnyHour+ and click on "Bill Pay" tab.

   2. The first time, activate your Bill Pay account. Once you’ve activated your account, you’ll need to add a payee (i.e. the person or company you wish to pay). Next, determine if you want to make a one-time or recurring payment, how much you want to pay, and when you want to make the payment.

The eBill service of Bill Pay will provide USSFCU subscribers with the ability to receive bill summary information from eligible payees. 

  • Which payees are eligible for eBill will be indicated to the subscriber. 
  • Subscribers will be able to enroll their eligible payees from the home page and from their payee list within Bill Pay. 
  • Subscribers will sign-up for eligible payees by agreeing to terms and conditions and providing their login ID credentials for the payee’s biller direct site.
Routing Number: 254075250