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Member Services

24-hour automated telephone service
Lost or Stolen Card 800.374.2758 
800.682.6075 (after hours)
206.352.4950 (collect if outside US)
After Hours Cardholder Services
206.352.4954 (collect if outside US)
VISA Smart Rate / Smart Rewards Cards
Emergency Replacement Service
800.682.6075 (after hours)
206.352.3500 (collect if outside US)
*Note - In order to protect your identity (sensitive private member information), we no longer accept faxed documents due to the uncertainty of the security of this delivery method. To submit documents and applications, please contact the credit union to set up a secure Docusign account; transmit sensitive information via our secured online banking portal (CUAnyhour+); or overnight or mail to us at the address listed on this page.

Email Us*

Member Services
For account specific inquiries or concerns including possible fraudulent activity, disputes, etc. (Monday – Friday, 8:30am5:00pm EST).
For issues requiring the direct attention of management.
Board of Directors
For issues of concern to the Board of Directors or a specific Board member
*Note – USSFCU email addresses will not accept emails containing sensitive non-public personal information (account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc.). To communicate non-public personal information please use the message function on CU AnyHour+, our online banking solution, or call 800.374.2758 for further guidance.

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Send your Payments and Deposits to: P.O. Box 4040
Staunton, VA 24402 - 4040 or use Remote Deposit Anywhere™ (RDA)
Mailing Address United States Senate Federal Credit Union  
P.O. Box 77920
Washington, DC 20013-8920
For Air Express, Federal Express or other special deliveries: United States Senate Federal Credit Union
2750 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 800.374.2758