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10 Identity Protection Tools and Measures You Can Use

Published: September 17, 2021

There might not be a way to completely protect yourself from identity theft short of living completely off the grid. And even that might not be enough. Thieves love low-hanging fruit, however, and putting up your defenses can make you a more difficult - and therefore less appealing - target. Here are different tools you can use and actions you can take to help protect yourself from identity theft.

Online Car-Buying Scams to Watch Out For

Published: August 17, 2021

Online car-buying scams come in the form of fake ads, gift card ripoffs, fraudulent wire transfers, title washing, "curbstoning," identity theft, fake escrows, payment plans and phony checks. The financial toll of these scams adds up to millions of dollars a year. Here's what you can do to save yourself the trouble.

Scam Alert: How to Spot a Bogus Job

Published: July 28, 2021

Lots of us grew accustomed to commute-free jobs during the pandemic and are hoping to find a way to continue to work from home. Scammers hoping to capitalize on that are taking elaborate measures - as far as fake interviews and background checks - to get people's personal data and/or money.

How to Stay Safe While Shopping on Your Cellphone

Published: July 21, 2021

If you're using your phone to shop more often these days, you're not alone. Since COVID-19 restrictions inspired a surge in mobile shopping over the past year or so, using your phone to buy groceries, place a pickup or delivery order, or access a retailer's dedicated app to buy stretchy pants is now a routine occurrence. But is it safe? With a little caution and a lot of care, it can be.

Scam Alert: Child Tax Credit Is Automatic; No Need to Apply

Published: June 29, 2021

It almost sounds too good to be true: Most families with kids will start receiving monthly checks for up to $300 per child this summer, starting in mid-July and continuing through December. And they don?t have to do anything, except perhaps keep the money safe from scammers.

Elder Fraud: A Guide for Seniors, Caregivers, and Relatives

Published: May 21, 2021

This guide explains more about what elder fraud is, why the elderly are targeted in scams, and what you can do to prevent elder fraud.

Members' Voice Testimonials

I feel my money is safe, the service has always been top-notch and we've found it easy to use even though I probably haven't set foot in one of the branches in five years. Joining the credit union is one of the smartest things I've done.

USSFCU has been my first banking option for over 40 years - no fee atms - my grands are now members of the credit union and value their credit union membership also.

USSFCU staff continues to be the best and always has my best interest.

The USSFCU has been an important part of my financial situation and has provided outstanding service.

Every experience with USSFCU has been extremely good right from the start. Our main account with USSFCU is a HELOC with zero over prime rate, which is almost unheard of. The customer service has always been excellent. And when we asked for a temporary payment break to navigate and reorient professionally due to the sudden and temporary financial im...

I've always been treated very professionally and the person caring for my financial needs always listened to me and helped me in a way that was not stressful and beneficial to me.

USSFCU has never failed us in its' role of being the best bank ever. All the personnel are professional, friendly, efficient and have more than earned our trust, appreciation and admiration. We admire the way they are constantly evaluating, adapting and growing their services for the benefit of its' members. We are very grateful to have had this im...

Magnificent people, great help during the hard times.

I've been banking here for over 20 years it's the best customer service. Credit card interest rates don't gouge at USSFCU. It's a wonderful place to bank.

Very personable, solution based and takes an interest in your situation.

Provides excellent customer service and this is demonstrated by their great attention to detail. USSFCU provides excellent financial products and professional communication.

I joined in 1975 when I began my 41 year career in the U.S. Senate. It was a family and still is - one to be depended on in times of need and for advice.

The credit union provides relatively good services and the security updates to the system are noticeable.

All of my children and grandchildren have USSFCU accounts now. I really admire USSFCU and its staff completely, they have always looked out for my interests.

Outstanding online and mobile banking services. Professional, Courteous, knowledgeable responsive staff!

I am very satisfied to belong to this institution and whenever I need support it is good to know that I count on you.

This credit union is the best, I love the customer service and you can?t beat the interest rates. And I?m happy to be a member of this great credit union.

Great staff helping all the time. Just a very well run company always good service.

Always good service, especially when I telephone in. I have another credit union where, every time I call in, I have to wait a considerable amount of time before reaching a representative. When I worked on the Hill, it always was a pleasurable experience coming to the credit union office, whether to make a deposit or apply for a loan.

Customer service via the phone is very helpful and easy to accomplish requests.

Care about their clients and concerned about making sure they have the best rates and packages.

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